Just one of those days

Just one of those days where I think about what would happen in four months.

One of those days I study until 2 AM and don’t feel sleepy.

One of those, I feel alone.


A walk down the mainroad and a right turn at Hindu temple

Loysel’s Toy.


A hidden gem in Singapore, serves decent coffee but fortyhands can beat em hands down, all forty of them.

Most importantly, I never thought I’d get to take photos of cafe like this.



I like how you keep your name in lower case.

I like how you make your sentences short.

I like how you can be so unexpectedly funny.


It was the last day of June as we know it.

Everytime I book for a taxi cab, the system would register me as Mr. Ron. Nobody knew how it ended up configured that way.

It is not like I ever cared, you get into a cab, having the only intention as getting off that thing as soon as you can. At that time I just quietly accepted the name that meant nothing.

Like what bad things could happen, had I ignored that.


Don’t go away.

Been thinking a lot about life, I think for my age, I have way too much to think about life.

Some people say it’s good, some people say I’m crazy but I guess I can’t help either ways. It is just that for my age I have gone through a lot of things people normally won’t, for better or for worse.

I’ve realised I take things seriously, even small things that I should not. I have subscribed to The Economist lately, to my horror or excitement it is a thinly looking 100 page magazine. Having to go through every single line of it and having other self study commitments, I’m as close to a lunatic as one could be.

I’ve been managing my personal finances like a company should, I keep cash balance low, take advantages of payment dates, I make sure excess cash balance is off elsewhere earning higher returns. It sounds just as what everyone should be doing, but next to peers who keep cash balance low by spending it, I think I am in a more robust model.

I take papers instead of Masters or other post-graduate programs partly because of the affordability, but I realise this is lost when you are taking way more than what people normally take. Once again I am on a suicide mission to conquer two more papers other than CFA, this time in an extremely tight deadline, the materials aren’t exactly as crazy as CFA but it is a new thing after all and there’s a lot ground to cover!

I’ve been lost amidst of connecting with people, meeting with people no longer seem worth the time, especially when people either lose their way, arrive late, fail to confirm attendance in a timely manner, ends up NOT turning up and well, I dont know, just refuse to show up on time. Guess the key is, to meet people who are worth the time, and who are worth the disappointment if it doesn’t end well.

I miss the one liner talk.


There’s a light that never goes out


Love it, when words say so little, and a photo says so much.



Was no more than a short getaway trip to Muar for social visit, of course a visit to relatives I never knew existed!