Is there all there is

Do you look at this as they are, or do you dwell on intricacies.


A bit obsession with meko

Everyone is a little too obsessed with their own pets. To prove otherwise, I should say this is just to show how drastic a haircut could change her looks.




I think I have been busy throughout my life, for good or for bad, computer games or exams, there is rarely a moment of peace. I function on predetermined goals and doesn’t stop for refueling, Looking back at how I prepared for CFA I cannot be any prouder for myself, sacrificing so much of time and valuable opportunities is something unprecedented. I only knew we could succeed in life with priorities set right,yet I never knew priorities meant sacrificing. I even brought my books to funerals I had to attend. That or I am just not a big fan or funerals.

Corporate had minor changes in remuneration system, it came to me like a pay rise and there’s no better news than this. I am a wee bit closer to my purchase of strata title, even though it is fair to say it is too early for anything concrete.

Time to brighten up my dying blog with some photos perhaps?

Time is expensive

It feels weird to be back home. Ever since my job started, life just meant very much little to myself since I gave most of it to my job and my preparation for my paper anyway. Which was by the way, a tormenting 6 hours in total, I came out from the exam hall and could see the sun for like an hour.

For those who heard that working plus studying is the deadliest combination, you got it right. It seem perfectly sane to bring your books on a holiday. Sleep beyond 7 hours seem too costly, and it takes 30 minutes of social networking and youtube to make you feel guilty, which is why I youtube and facebook at work?

21 seems a bit premature but I began to look back at my life, realised that I was once crazy about a lot of things, relationship, photography, shopping, yes, and even pc games I was never good at. Nothing seem to stay for too long, even though none of them ever really left. It seems really bad but I am inclined to allow my passion consume myself, it makes me more alive, feels like I am working towards something, feeling less of an underachiever.

Working is a time whereby you lay down all your path verbatim from your imaginariun. For me, I take it with a pinch of salt, I never married the woman I thought I would and said I would, I never did science in Uni, I never got into ANU by 0.25 marks, I did not end up a PR in Australia, and I thought that was what I wanted ever since I was 10 or so, the wild idea nurtured from my mom’s simple question on a trip to Sydney.

I was amused by how things turn out while I was standing on the bus on my way back, I could have waited for 5 minutes until the next bus, so I could sit down on a bus like a normal person, yet I did not, I wanted to go back as early as I could make it. And where was the old guy in me?

I have a lot things I want to pursue now, maybe it is because I don’t like my current job in any way other than a stepping stone, but with enough effort and cold-bloodedness towards myself, I can get both CFA and FRM by end of 2012. I do not know where that takes me, or if there is even any synergy between the two but I got to make something happen. And that become my motto, and that I might have shamelessly quoted from some SC 2 shoutcast.

Some people think I put too much pressure on myself, and they tell me thinking that I do not know about that. I do have family members slowly walking away from the world, healthy or otherwise, one day they all have to leave.

And for myself, lastly, I haven’t done my papers, I haven’t had time to watch Gone with the wind, no time to read “I have no enemies”, "Against the gods” by Peter Bernstein, not even For One More Day, or Purpose Driven Life. Time is a lot more expensive that I thought.


An unfarmiliar face

I start to realise this is not it.


I need…


Nope, not a real update… Just to let people know I am still alive.

I miss doing readings in Monash Clayton and State Lib, at least that’s where I get coffee. It slowly became more than just fuel and energy. I miss the instantaneous boost in productivity albeit fleeting.

Being distracted, so distracted from studies. I even updated Chrome, Picasa and Xunlei for no apparent reason, and I moved my taskbar to the right of my desktop.

I don’t know why, maybe December is sooner than I thought.


Little press

Maybe I am a bit slow, maybe I should have known earlier, but it is no longer good enough to take care of  yourself anymore.


I think fickle is good, fickle means you take every pieces of new information to form a bigger picture, and actually basing decisions on current best grasp of the situation.


Frictional unemployment.



Days ahead


After 2 months of bunking at people’s room I am finally back home. Do not really see myself having a lot of time for other stuff, in actual fact I do not even have enough time for stuff I am supposed to do? The curriculum is really like a jealous girlfriend who leaves you no time for just anything at all.


Currently very split between KL and Singapore, both seem equally good and promising and I do not really know what I want as of now. Despite that, I am very likely taking up the first employer that nods his head. This transition period is just like a limbo for me, and it really isn’t exactly enjoyable.


Do I miss Melbourne? Really?


The previous camera


13,000 shots taken and I think it is really time to move on. Joshua bought my 400D from me, even as I type now I remember how frustrated I was in KL looking for a seller that would let me have a good price, it was almost twice my original budget!


Yes the photos are not full-frame, it gives me unwanted noise most of the time, its too small even for my small hands and the viewfinder was as big as a peep hole. Yet it still brought me through (and I also brought it) a lot of good and bad times. Since I was so new I practically brought it everywhere I go!


It amazes me sometimes by how it is so reliable and simplistic to operate, but now the idea of having a spare camera just doesn’t fancy myself just as much as before. Life’s totally hectic right now and all I bring along with me is book I need to study, guess there’s really little reason for it to stay.


Times where I just linger around the city looking for good light, it was so fresh and enjoyable I wish I could have the same experience once more.

I’m still very glad, looking at the rate-of-blasting from Joshua, I’m pretty sure good stuff would come out that little camera!

Old photos from the 400D, 2008 – 2010

In relation to that, I am also letting go another item.


The legendary Canon EF-S 18-200mm.


As you can see from the picture, the mount is only for 1.6X crop sensors (no actually you cannot see from the picture), I have to sell it off too because it is not doing anything right now.


It truly is the contender for travellers, the beauty of packing every single lens you’d need on a trip into this one little lens is one of the reasons I purchased it earlier. It really have served me well especially for my time in Melbourne!


This lens has got nothing but good reviews. Google it!


Leave me your offer if you are interested:)

Oh, of course it has no fungus or dust issues.

A place I once said I’d conquer


There’s just something special about going to the first place that made you remember.


Now I am left with a ticking clock, it better mean something good when it strikes 12.