It never failed to amuse me how the blandishments and charlatans bewildered them. It is just plain wrong, it does not matter if you made a loss or a profit, you made a profit out of people's losses, it is unacceptable. There are certainly things I do not buy.
It's all immutable by now, lest losing a month of holidays, I'd let things be. :) I'm free, once again, for 4 months!

P/S: I do not exactly own a state-of-the-art identity card... I cannot register for the paper!


I hereby announce

Financial Accounting (Company Reporting) is second worse to chemotherapy...

Little did i know...


At the end of the day...

After my predicament at ungodly hour of 6am, much have changed, really.

I had report to the Police which said they would call me if they find any leads when they did not ask for my phone number. I had to travel another time next day so that I get 2 certified copies of them...

Heading towards PJ(20mins drive++) for a replacement IC which I had to still pay fine because "perceived to be stolen" differs from "stolen". Do not underestimate their calibre in literature! Later on my replacement student ID was as dumb, I didn't declare that I lost my ID in report, FINE! (lame pun)

Not to mention I have been going out with 50 bucks in pocket nakedly, NO WALLET. Yes, I have no time to get it, I have to work for examination. Downgrade my phone to k750i which I think was something at least 2 years back. Not like I'm tech savvy tho, it functions, I'm good.

I drive around without a license, the police report should be unable to prove myself innocent. The holy JPJ office is in Fornication Under Consent of the King -ing Klang!

I need an hour to get there! I have no idea about the place too except I had a chapter in my pri school chinese textbook about KLANG.

I find it so inconvenient when my Uni and Uni i applied couldn't get me. My internship applications as well?

Been a really long week, my car was scratched too... I don't enjoy this place. On a brighter sad, he didnt take my laptop, didnt take my camera, and I did not have an expensive wallet. Nonetheless, I'm nowhere near careless, leaving phone on table was just rational... Maybe I shouldn't have opened the curtains.

Moonlight shines upon guilty and innocent alike...

P/S: Studying tax effect accounting is really taxing.

Back to communism

I see the world going back into communism, despite all the support given to open economy and free market.

Unemployment benefits, government bailouts, eradication of discrimination, progressive income tax, subsidies. I think they all are aiming at equality of economy, made of classless and stateless population.

I think it is ironic. Governments do think they are in best place to decide where the economy should be. US government drew 700 billion from reserve to save companies... If we are talking about the companies that distribute earnings among shareholders and await the assistance from public during bad times... It IS communism.


Just tell me...

This is the coolest shit I've ever seen. Mom, can I get one? PRETTY PLEASE!

PS: Comm. Banking - Not going to fail
Financial Management - Not going to fail
Company Reporting - Would not fail
Macroeconomics - Would not fail


Terribly foolish

Is it too late to realise that my lost handphone contained some information that I could pay a hefty price? 101% screwed up... For a stupid mistake.

UPDATE*: It was my uncle's credit card number along with the PIN. Now I know why Alliance bank require an additional password for online transactions.


CHECK YES JULIET is a very commercialised and cheap song :S

Should there be light!

I'm way off my point, partly because that I feel insecure without my wallet and stuff i had inside. 900 bucks down the drain... (HP+400 in wallet+100 administatio) All in my mind was FLASH. I've been figuring if I should get it but I guess now the theif could easily afford one. I'm running around without a wallet!

I'm not working hard for examination, the most worrying thing is accounting. I have never been a rational person and not a understandable at most of the time either. At minimum of best, I'd fail this...


The bank shot UPDATE

He really used branches and i think he kept it for himself since i cant find the branch anywhere nearby.
It seems that it is not the first time, according to the police. He was really fast, imagine i went to brush teeth and came back with my hp and wallet gone... Ungodly hour of 6am. How am i not unlucky.

*Now I use my sister's handphone and she gets a new one soon. Using an imaginary wallet and of course a police report as surrogate for IC and license.
I cannot fucking believe I lost my wallet and handphone in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! They reached from the window by breaking the net...


Second generation crisis

I really don't see the point making it sound like some big deal. They went down because they relied on financing too much, why not let market trust entities that have higher capital ratio? Is 700 billion THAT necessary?

PS: Whenever I see Malay college students I assume they came in with scholarship.


He wishes for cloths of heaven

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

-William Butler Yeats


Scorching Paranoia

I have done all I could, guess I'd just wait 3 weeks and everything should fall in place? Worst come to worst I'd land myself in Berwick... What the Fornication Under Consent of the King! u kidding me? Berwick?

GO8, Please please please accept my application!

P/S: *whispers to self* If I don't study I might turn into a pile of shit!!!


Have I brought up that...

I guess sticking around Malaysia along with an Aussie degree in hand is not the wisest decision. Guess I have to go Melbourne since I have at least acquired the full offer from the subpar campus of Monash :X

Endeavour, my goodness!



Caution: This post is highly arcane, read if you really have nothing more meaningful!

Speaking from what I have disregarded, I should put it that I am imbecile. How undemanding it is to come to realisation that I brought repercussion to your everyday. I was adamant about you transitioning to a normal person despite all extravagances you were privilleged before me. Reciprocrating is easier said than done, things are seen with dynamic discrepancies, with dynamic perspectives. If I were to mark a life-changing event, you would be the first person in the parade. Guilt hit me so hard when I realised what I have taken away from you. I shouldn't have. You just want to be happy, I should let you. I love you.

I still don't understand your affection towards my rusty old iswara though. Sentimental value perhaps?



A foolish thing to do is to distinguish 7 billion people using 12 horoscopes...

I disbelieve not out of that I resent the world. I value the subtle differences in people more than just 12 prototypes.

So meant to be, congratulations!

Thanks to my housemate's girlfriend who parks her car blocking my way every weekday. Thanks to the big bully uncle who complained about the non-existent scratch on his car.
Thanks to the neighbour who gives me a stare everytime he sees me.
Thanks to yet another neighbour who parks his big Unser blocking my view.
Thanks to the drivers who respond exactly opposite when u signal.
Thanks to my housemate who leaves clothes in washing machine for days.
Thanks to the mosque that wakes me up everyday without fail.

I dislike here... GOD, do something!



That's before her haircut.
This is after haircut, I cannot really believe, they look so different, despite she is just as sweet in both looks!

He did not have his will properly done.
Res ipsa loquitor
I did not have any of those when i was their age:P
Of course, our blessings...
To the newly wed!

This rings a bell?:P


I seem to be having a hard time pushing myself to study, despite I'm going to be free after this month :S

MIA - Paper Planes

P/S: I do not believe in the ever so abtruse horoscopes.