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A day

Yours truly, the very masterpiece of long lost engineering skill, duct tape on my out of align window... The mechanic who was supposed to align it in proper manner broke my window instead... Made me pay 30 ringgit for the "new" window. The aligning problem was from a collateral damage from the last fixing of window motor though... He gave us priority and gave us free workmanship in the past so we decided to forget about it.

Just so you know, the duct tape was meant for aerodynamic purposes, dragging resistance along 300 over km isn't the wisest move.
Pontian does not have much things to do, we don't even get to compare to places where they get famous good food.
I wake up early every morning and I go jogging (: It is so healthy that I thought I just came out from rehab, experiencing life the second time. Still remember I was a HUGE fan of morning. I reach school before 6AM when I was in primary school, my mom couldn't stop laughing everytime she fetches me to school, she gave us independence in both our will and act or willful act (Bad pun intended).
My last attempt to jog could date back to 3 years ago, it was the time when I was not used to sleep late. Feel pretty bad because my mother does not look happy when she see me waking up in the afternoon.
I tried to keep myself in pace, not straining myself too much. Working too hard to start of a sports will just end myself up in deep agony, which I did several times in the past.
And since its early I had breakfast with my uncle and his family.
This is the new member of the family! Louis who just got his father inspired to buy a lottery winning number. Louis!
A truly hyperactive little guy.
And the place looked so familiar, shockingly!
I don't remember Pontian has it.
Yeah and it didn't, it was a cheap knock off! LOL. I didn't they they have to even imitate the utensils?? Old market kopitiam it is, so one day I will collect all the stupid knock-offs and post it here.
Nasi lemak was fine, however the nasi didn't taste like "nasi lemak".
The coffee tasted so sour, and the picture says it all, I think they used sambal to make the coffee...
Indomee in Kopitiam Kim is superior by far (You are reading, I know I know)
That will be the first day of opening, first day going and last time going as well:) Memorable June 28th.
Pardon her hairstyle should that reminds any of you any Rock star. That will be all. Ciao


Delightful difference

After turning on your signal lights, usually in Selangor the car 3 feet away will desperately accelerate and make sure you can't "take" his lane. Honestly it is much easier to change lane without signals in Selangor because of this prevalent selfishness.

Last night in JB I saw something really different, at the same distance, I saw an acceleration good enough to weave in and out and within seconds the lane is clear for me to cut in. Not to say ungodly, yet a perfect strike on balance between morale and practicality.

Also they drive way faster, on a one lane road they can easily hit 100 midnight. Driving slow does not make accidents less frequent, you all should know how wide and how slow people drive on it, and they end up tailing the car in front and hit dead on. They are just better, by far better.

Morning I saw a pick-up cutting onto my right when I was making a left turn (it was a one lane road). It left me blank until I saw the very evil W car plate. Some drivers up there are just insecure and here I assume they are godless, they don't even have faith in people, which already exist in this very world, how could they believe in god??

Tan Hong Ming!


What could I do in 3 weeks' time?

In an optimistic presumption, I would be off to Australia next year, I think there are just too many things I have not tried. I have not learn the way to Cheras night market, have not been to Putrajaya, have not tried some franchise western food, last but not least a view of KL city!

I would keep them in my To-Do list next semester(: Hopefully I leave no rue.

For the next semester its pretty cloudy, I do not know if I would have failed anything until 11th of July, by then the SMS coming into my cellphone would determine the rest of my Uni life. This is not brought to any exaggeration, I mean it. I just could not afford to do badly anymore, I have pushed myself beyond limits, did things I would not have believed I have done. It was the best I could do, should I fail anything, I'm truly sorry.

PS: Economics are for everyday reading now, imagine that!


Wondrous differences from small changes

Reneging on promise just sound so much more serious than going back on promise.

Can I be your boyfriend sounds less submissive than Can you be my girlfriend.

Smiling when talking over telephone makes conversation sincere (Try it).

To make cliched "none of my business" sound better, some people say it is not within their actual contemplation.

Commenting on a short and fat kid, you can say he is neither tall nor thin.

Surprising to some people, "ohhh" "oh,ok" ostensibly mean temporizing and just have nothing more to reply but replying for sake of replying.

Hmm, euphemisms?

Singapore-working-Malaysians who I see no contrite in them

Must be Malay? NO! Look at the reflection, it might just be a Sri Lankan or Bangladesh.

Petrol kiosks in Johor Bahru now set ad hoc rates to discriminate between Malaysian cars and non-Malaysian cars.

The interviewee on Channel 8(Singapore television channel) this morning was complaining, "Even though I work in Singapore, I am still a Malaysian and I spend in Malaysia, I don't understand why is the government taking away the subsidy from me." Another was as implausible, "I wish they could identify the price we need to pay according to identity card instead of car plate."

They should be again admonished that they pay Singaporean road tax and Singapore government tax (assuming there is little reason to drive a Singaporean car and work in Malaysia). They owe no obligation to spend any amount in Malaysia but instead they ought to repay Singapore government taxes.

This makes their status nothing different from tourists, no contribution to the government but only spending according to their own will, in my opinion they do not deserve the subsidy at all. By the same token, you don't ask your neighbors to pay for your food especially after you decided who to pay part of earning. This is not unseen, try pumping petrol in Brunei and ask should there be no regulations for Malaysian cars.

Or maybe the video about Singaporeans humping on their own Honda just to pump few more ounces of petrol was too widespread?

We are irrational

Death is natural, yet grief is inevitable.


I need a holiday

Mumble: Renege is the word for going back on promises, no?

And so dusts settled their way through, there is nothing more needed but patience. However waiting was never an enjoyable thing to do.

Coming back home is just a big shock to me. Water heater, air-conditioning, decent dinner, three dogs at home and laid back life. Just so different from student life back in Selangor.

I ploughed my way towards success, would I see white light?


Welcome back

Welcome the old one



Mumble: Cats cry and yell every night outside my house, sounding as if they were miserably tortured, have grievances unfolded.

Looking for new rooms to move in isn't an easy job. Not to mention the hassle moving around, the previous owner wants u to give notice, the next owner wants you to move in immediately. Convenient places have their price jacked up, other places are cheap but by no means convenient. It kills me when I think of that I might just bring the sad face of owner when I tell him/her I will move out, after just a few months of staying but thats the best I could do. I will try SS17 or SS14 tomorrow...

Get smart is freaking awesome, I promise you that you would not laugh that much in other movies. Trust me.


People here push too far sometimes, or I should say very often, very pissed and very dissed. I just don't hold hopes no more.



Mumble: My heartbeat nearly stopped on the night I pumped 90 ringgit just for 3 quarter of petrol.
Everything is finally behind me... Examinations are officially over and results would be out on 11th of June, I think... I'm going to pass?

There was just too much of studying. I studied without break from 10am to 2am, something I have not done before in life.
I took too many cups of coffee and decided to call it a stop, I had headache and my hands were shaky.
I did not dare to think of the consequences should I give up halfway... I only know it is far from what I could imagine. Even during times I feel like puking, I know nothing is worse than retaking, screwing up all my schedules and plans.
Just too many uncertainties ahead, I don't even know where I would be next Feb. Only sure thing is I will stay in Malaysia until that time.
Secret Recipe is a good place to study, just because the Subang branch is just way too far from occupied.
When I was so lost and so desperate for my comfort zone, I found my solace, the early morning.
It have been really long since the last time I remembered waking up early in the morning, except those times that I woke up for exams and early classes.
I really found my solace in the morning and I realised how stupid I were to miss out the moment that comes by everyday without fail.
It made me really busy for stopping by every few steps just to take picture of something but I swear it wasnt as tiring as it sounded.
I remember those days when I was a kid, waking up just to watch mother doing her chores and talking to her, I'm glad till this age, I still talk to her about almost everything.
And on my way back I realised there were balloons on each house along the street.Or all of the streets.Obviously they were the ones who did it, early in the morning!It kept me wondering for quite a while what was that for.It was advertisement for bank financing services. I don't need them anyway.
This semester wasn't satisfying enough, things did not go as they were planned, I slacked during revision and I overlooked the importance of keeping up with study weeks.
I can't afford a chance for it to happen again, no matter what god have planned for me, I don't think I'm supposed to fail.
Since exams are over, all I do is PRISON BREAK.
I randomly present this car with a car plate very similar to WW's
Some random malay kids with uniform similar to McDonald's, McDonald's elementary?
This is the bad omen, before business law exam and the next day I got into accident, believe it or not, I prayed on the day before exam and the next morning I get accident.
It's just too early for dreams to end :)

Breeze of freedom

As other Monash students, I'm hereby free from examinations 08 Sem1. Booyakasha!



Slightest change in emotions would have shaken me.

Reversed position, what I see is the complete opposite.

Just... a bit more

15 hours more until examination starts, 18 more until it ends, it is less than a day, should it be a better day. Pray for me. If you are Buddhist help me burn some joss sticks, if Hindi... Hmm, I don't know what you could do (Anyway my closest Indian friend Niggen is a lover of beef).
Just wish me luck!

PS: For some reason I can't explain, I love Viva La Vida so much!


Happy fathers' day....umm, father?

Happy fathers' day!

I've got a present for you and I hope you liked it.






I had an accident this morning, an Unser parked and totally blocked my view I could not see but proceeded and I hit an Old Corolla or Sentra, could not be bothered anyway.

The extraordinary thing is that he was extraordinary calm, just told me he would park his car first, came down and took my number, car plate and said he will call me later. After going to mechanics he told me he had an accident on Federal Highway 2 months ago, that explains a lot.

The funny thing is, my old run-down 11 years old Iswara which used to be the one my Dad drove to construction sites is totally in good state. It was not even close to what we normally see at "paint job came off", it was... very very delicate, I bet it comes off after a carwash (nobody would polish that car). For your information, the bumper is made of synthetic plastic, it is no where near tough. It does not matter, either your car is made as tough as Milo tin or a tanker. Anyway my car rocks big shit and I would be laughing at myself 8 months ago if reject my father's offer to buy a new car for me but now this car is doing so well and it is... by all means unholy. Very accident immune and a lot lot lot of fun driving it, I can feel every part moving inside the engine, how much the suspension is taking, how I should get the next corner. It is all in place.

I told people about it and I get some kinda funny comments:

I think you better take deferred paper, you are just so unlucky

Lucky boy!

Aiyerrrr, why are you so stupid.

So we just went to a mechanic and it quoted me RM320. Hmmm... I thought it was expensive but nothing can be done I guess. Especially after today's encounter. When I was about to withdraw, an Indian fellow was in front of me, he checked his balance and he had 20 ringgit left, he tried to withdraw 20 but machine rejected, then he tried to make a bank overdraft on ATM, tried 50 but it said insufficient fund. Later on he tried "Other services", read for a minute or so and finally went off after requesting for a receipt... Also, a few Malay guys were at KFC, talking about how they never tried lobster and another explaining that duck does not swim in the water (here I think he actually meant dive...). Where did the scholarships for Malay go?

I felt 320 ringgit was so so so worth it, at least it went for the correct thing. Its just the price for a speeding ticket... For knowing a "friend" (unrecommended way) and avoiding jurisdiction (I'm P), and giving me good luck for Business Law examination (it is a myth in Burma that they place a chicken underneath the vehicle's tyre and running over it before starting a journey, believing "worst had come" and the journey would be safe".

I would say it is of the most fruitless endeavour to tell somebody whether the petrol hike was reasonable or either way. Government did do something for us, mandating rear seat passengers to wear seat belts which was criticised heavily for the cost (of 15-30 ringgit) of installing on certain make of cars. Anyway people here are too powerless and too dumb to judge for what is for their own good sometimes, no point of giving them incentives. If I were in power, I would not even have bothered about free 20 cubic meter water, subsidy for motor vehicles and the subsidy system.

Going back to studies... Again I think judging a student on what have been done for the last few days before examination is plain shallow, more pop quizes more assignments please! Like I'm going to judge you on how much you know for driving theory and a month later you don't even know how to go by a roundabout.

Vote or DIE

You would not actually die if you do not vote but I think it was funny.

Click to vote

PS:I'm not supposed to be online by the way!

I'm noob

Dear Business Law,

I'm over with you. (If I pass)

Sincerely, Tan

Why do people to address opposite sex readily to become couple as spare tyre... Should it be spare tyre, aren't you supposed to have four at the moment?? Unless you are muslim, thats a different story!

A question I was not able to answer for whole 9 months, why could not I score the paper which I knew I could have done well? I guess it all goes back to

"The more you know, the less you think you know"

It was a very very enlightening answer for myself! Knowing more just makes you feel there is more about the matter...


For the last paper

It's going to be total madness, one and half day to prepare for it. 36hours approx., minus sleeping time of 6 hours i get 30... It really takes some inhumane speed to get it done. Wish me luck *kisses the cross*

P.S: Traffic fluctuates, perhaps I've been leaving a lot of comment? Apologies for not keeping a timely update, will work on a picture post after my exams.


Water supply interruption again

How do I love this place without water. This time it came without notice:)



Finally I have decided to talk about what you have been unhappy about and what I have not liked. In my opinion this is crucially important despite the fact that I have most of the time done it BADLY.

I'm really worried about the foreseeable outcome of ours of which I have told. I just hope the problem could come to rest eventually, I just hope should it be act of playfulness and it should end like one. We both deserved better. I relentlessly do things for the good of both of us.

I bet it could not be better, than letting things out...
As mentioned earlier, I think it was some major replacement of machine over the reservoirs around the area. Finally the water supply interruption has ended! As I was informed that it will stop at 7AM, I woke up 7.07 knowingly my biological clock worked all well.

It was utterly disastrous... I slept at 2AM, having my last bath at around 1PM? Even though I tried not to go out for the whole day but the humid weather just caught me. I felt slightly sticky and it was really hard to fall asleep, I habitually bathe and keep myself clean before turning in.

I don't know how many times I should reiterate but to make things worse, my paranoia heats me up when I still find smell of cheese burger remaining on my hand and I still feel I have oily fingers!

It's good having water back!

PS: Some areas will have their water supply cut off for 24 hours, check for more details just in case.
I'm now ever-so-famously "two down two to go" (didn't know why people had to use it everytime when there is e)

Yet it's not something to be happy about... I have my killer subjects waiting for me, and believe me retaking is the worst thing in life to happen. The remorse and humiliation could kill just anybody. After this is being taken care of, life is going to be all better.

I just wish I could pass these subjects...

Money and Capital Markets
Business Law


Excuse me... What did you mean by GG?

A polite remark uttered after the end of a round, game, or other measured interval to indicate that a match was fair and enjoyable. Usually uttered collectively by the occupants of a game server.

Which is as good as my state, water will be cut off from 3PM until 7AM next morning, GG. So screwed.


Facebook again

14 of your friends joined the group 1 Million Malaysian who are sick of the RM2.70/liter Petrol Price .

I don't usually see fourteen of people on facebook joining the same group?? Wait till they remove the whole subsidy system and pain starts kicking in, OUCH! Below is contradict to their claim on "Our petrol price is still cheaper than other countries".

I don't have "much" against the government. After the rakyat is just like children of theirs (:

Anyway, Malay children get missing really often in this country and Indian fathers get drunk and beat the shit out of their children (and wife).


Viva La Vida

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sweep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing:
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
Once you go there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world

It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in.
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn't believe what I'd become

Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

ooooo ooooo ooooo oooooo ooooo
(repeat with chorus)

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world
Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh

Hardly find a better song or better lyrics than this. It is beautiful indeed... Also at the same time, watch Boyce Avenue, they are great!

Outcome of Course Transfer application

Dear Student,

Unfortunately you have not been offered a place in one of your preferences. This may be due to one of the following reasons:
  1. You have been offered a higher preference
  2. You do not meet the average requirements
  3. You do not meet the maths/English entry requirements
  4. You have not yet completed a semester of study at Monash University Malaysia
All offer letters have been distributed. If you have an offer letter, please note that this letter is for your information and does not cancel any offer you have previously been given.

Please see Noren De Costa at Malaysia if you require information on how to apply for Semester 1 2009 entry.

Kind regards,
Tanya Pelle


And this is not even clear, one of the preferences?? Which and which? I guess my mother feels more disappointed with the outcome this time, I have not given up yet, still looking if there are chances, even if its just 1%.

Here I will stay, Selangor. We have a lot more chances of meeting, the uncivilised people.


Am I a holocaust?

Some people told me that I should not treat things this way, it is just the way things are, we should accept and appreciate and bla bla bla.

And of course I rejected the suggestion, it is not because I like to oppose others, I'm just not taught to accept what is wrong...



I'm broken. It will not going to be 15 minutes drive or an hour, we will be talking about 7-hour-flight...

On Friday

Me: Where are they heading to? What made them all park here?
She: Going for prayers! It's friday
Me: You meant the god of terrorists?


This is the new dress I bought for her, on a surprise. The picture was meant to be blur, did not like it to be too clear:P

Sadly the excitement was not for too long, which is because of the first exam paper. She did not do well and she is not really happy with it. Oh well, I tried to counteract the effect and... I think it went well.

I can warrant no good outcome for my Accounting paper which I have ranted to many people about, I hate Accounting... The happy part is, it is all behind. Believe me this one paper out of the four, get rollin'



Friends are no longer friends I used to know... Friends are supposed to share joyful and sad moments with you... As I grew up, friends became those who want you to share exam tips or your help... I will stay true, I will not lose my principles - like how friends did (:

I thought psychopaths like me will make use of friends but I guess people around me have brought it to the next level! Perhaps thats why I like to observe strangers a lot nowadays.


Semester 2 2008

The next semester, I am not going back from Uni until I understand every single piece of what have been taught!

Sick of "friend"

What would you do when people around you just try to get the most advantages from you? Or has evolution went to the extent which denies existence of morality? People who find you only find you when they need something, I am sick of it. Please delete me.