All seemed so yesterday. Yet so far away.


My my my

I'm so far behind... study plans did not work that well, not even kept to the minimum. I need something more to get me where I want to be. When things come, I want to be well prepared. I have learned my lesson :)


Love knows no limit


Conflicts are hurtful... Changing a love nobody could understand, into a relationship... nobody could understand too.

The air I breathe (07): Sometimes being completely fucked can be a liberating experience...

Few short questions

Why do we kill people to show them killing is wrong?

Why is the meaning of life simply to find what is the real meaning of life?
(For people who thought they were so great just because they found the meaning of life, congratulations for getting into the next cycle)

Why do we live to make a living?

Why do people around me believe everything kinder garden teacher taught them and wasting their priceless mind of unlimited potential?

Why do parents push unaccomplished dreams to their off-springs?

Why is everything a vicious cycle?

Why does scar still hurt feelings.

In real life, no effort counts, it have always been trade-off between risk and return. Origin of all, for those who plays it well, the reward is handsome.


I thought I fake an accent but I don't

G6 know best, I mumble a lot. However, it is that I don't want people to think I fake an accent. I gave up trying, and thought I fake an accent.

I realised I was not, just that most people around me stress on nothing but LAH LEH LOH AH


Stopped reading newspapers...

Mere... bullocks. I expect news that are in best interest of people. All I see is that the endeavour of the journalists is to tell us how the game goes. I think that was true, new headlines, diluted anger. Anyone could post me newspaper from overseas?


Don't skip if you think ego is bad

Lamborghini started producing tractors at first. Here on I quote from

As told by Ferruccio Lamborghini's son, Ferruccio Lamborghini went to meet Enzo Ferrari at the Ferrari factory to complain about the quality of the clutch in the Ferrari 250 GT he owned. Enzo Ferrari sent him away telling him to go and drive tractors because he was not able to drive cars. Lamborghini went back to his factory, had his Ferrari's clutch dismantled and realized that the clutch manufacturer was the same who supplied the clutches for his tractors. In his warehouse he found a spare part which he thought suitable, and when it was installed the problem was solved. Furious with what he considered to be Enzo Ferrari's arrogant and aloof treatment Ferrucio Lamborghini promised himself never to go back to Ferrari for another car but rather beat him at his own game by creating a superior sports car. Thus the idea of a Lamborghini sports car was born.

Lark night

Was Dark knight really that good? Everybody liked it... I liked Heath as Joker but I think T-bag was already as good, we cannot deny that his acting was magnified by the fact that he is now dead.

I thought this movie was nothing but a normal hollywood production. Instead of involving vengeance, family ties, sacrifice towards the society, this movie touched wee bit of confusing love and how badly batman wanted to retire?

2-face shouldn't even have came into picture and die 30 minutes afterwards? FYI, there is already a 2-face in one of sequences. The director somehow caught Death note and made this movie a little like it? So many smart ass actions, checking out who actually had relative in hospital and etcetera, oh well!

Action scenes were complete turn-off, the only exciting part was when his Lambo got crushed when I relate it to the cost.

PS: I have my own type of movies that I like which most people would probably avoid though.


A cookie

They are close to each other, yet have never met, forcing them to might just break one into bits.

Lowly you

I think my neighbour is a scumbag. He crashed my signal light and kept quiet.

He doesn't even dare to look at my direction. To think he chose to do this instead of even leaving a note saying sorry? I think he worth less than 25 ringgit, how lowly a price for a crippled.

I think karma prevailed, deeply in my heart I hope somebody crushed his knee just like how he did to my car! Don't tell me I am mean, I just believe in karma.



With them here, it is SO HARD to love my country. If people are loyal to this land as if it is their father. I think this father is just a drunkard wife-battery father.

37.8 38.1

Get well.


Commercial Banking and Finance

I... Don't get it, for first week, textbook and slides talked about theory, tutorial questions was wholly calculation, fine! Now lecture slides, textbook and questions ALL talk about different topics...

You know who you are

Tell me this is not crazy.


It tells you what you need to know, not the truth.

Snakes in suits

I was actually trying to look for a paper clip, yet I ended up buying this book. No apparent reasons! I'm not a man of book but for few reasons?
  • It is in English, love it!
  • It isn't thick, a companion when queuing up?
  • What else? It talks about psychopaths, it've been of my greatest interest.
It might just have been the first book I ever completed reading:P Wish me luck.


At this time

How have you all been?
I missed you all.
Did you?

Why bother trying?

I sat beside a table of chinese guys, they were all chinese, all of them could not speak english, I wonder why are they trying. Their english ah, sure no good one lah.

If somebody told you

An adage has it, you could learn more about a person by listening to what he talks about others than what he says about himself.

I think people tell you something, not for the aim of presenting truth but to make you believe what he want you to think it is.


My hayfever

I suffer from hayfever, just like my brother. It exacerbates in presence of other infections like influenza. For your information, it is a malfunction of respiratory system whereby many foreign substances albeit harmless would be interpreted harmful. So at the end of the day, I sneeze upon dust, pollen, perfume and almost everything. It impedes my concentration. Off to bed, with a long sigh.
I think love is going to save the world, not god.


Crazy World

In one morning back in Pontian, me and my mother bumped into her old friend Leong Heng. His accent was distinctive, apparently he stayed in Perth for a very long time...

As a student who have nothing to shout about he could have kicked me to the side and start talking to my mother about life, instead he taught me one important thing "Friends are very important, at the end of the day the only one with you might be you alone or you and your wife, yet there are things you cannot talk about together..."

I don't know if I'm too naive or I've been seeing life through coloured glass. People around me, they are psychopaths... To them people are nothing but obstacles or stepping stone, if you mean good purpose then you mean a good friend to them, vice versa.

I guess at the end of the day, I should stop complaining about how repugnant things are? This is the terrible world. Nobody could say we are a happy world now, even though environmental issues are controversial, pollution, hunger, drought, selfishness, greed, war and epidermic are things we cannot digress.


Screw anyone who isn't from Monash!

Contact Details for Chief Examiner
Name: Mrs Janet Jackson
Location: Room: 5N138 Building: 5N Campus: Gippsland
Phone: 03 5122 6650 or 03 9902 6650
Email Address:

You don't have superstar teaching in your University, do you? I have her as my Chief examiner for AFW2491

Contriteness in me

I somewhat reneged my promise on working hard for my second semester... I did try out, I confined myself solitary into premise devoid of distraction yet it seems, the greatest distraction comes from my wandering mind.

It is also the reason why I started jogging and sleeping early, perhaps the turmoil sleeping late was underrated. Not only I could concentrate better, I start smiling more everyday and I think I'm a Epicurean now. For everything there are two sides but the crux is how you look at it. Sleeping late does not seem to benefit anyone I would say, evolutionarily wise I think our efficiency is optimised for daytime and night is when we could not work properly and sleep.

I used to be angsty and impatient but it is over for now. I hope this change would benefit my semester... Got my doubts cleared out, even at average of 65 it is kind of border line, they would still assess my 62.375 but chances are low... Arithmetically, i need 70.25 this semester to get to 65 average and 85 to get 70 average... I'm going to try real hard, it's All-in.


13 13 13 13

There's a reason why my dad hates 13. Last 13th my grandma was hospitalised and she need to go for dialysis from now on. Bad things always happen on 13th, especially fridays.

Perhaps its because I'm going home tomorrow but this is not what I usually feel. Now I have to say goodbye to life with air-conditioning, heater, clean toilet, sea-side for jogging and breakfast with my family.

Pontian isn't a great city anyway. Plato has it, in the ideal society, the richest man would be four times richer than the poorest. In Pontian, there are people who could earn 20k and it is a safe estimate, on another hand some live on salary as meagre as 1k. Making the ratio 20:1? As inflation scavenges everyone's bank account, substantially jacking up all prices but one - salary. 2 ringgit per hour is so little that by the time I earn enough money for meal I would have became hungry again.

These are unhappy stuff that happened today:
1. I was at home doing nothing much, wanted to go around but something held me back.
2. My mother met someone she knew and she got so excited, she stepped back - on my feet.
3. When my chronic pain on my left feet was so severe, my mother used something I kept f tomorrow and I have to then go out again, it hurts, yes it does.
4. My internet back at Subang was cut off, as if I was the only one using, nobody pays. Great, right before the day I need to use it, not to forget its a weekend.
5. Somehow none of the supermarket but one was selling 3-in-1 oatmeal, is it rare? Or what?
6. Drivers on road just got very rude today.
7. When I was walking the dog, my sister and mom somehow went very far. The dog followed and I had to follow too and that explained the chronic pain
8. A shop keeper introduced to me a table lamp which was, as she said "what people normally buy". Hell yeah, with dust and it was ugly and it was not illuminating anything unless u press it so low that it reclines on table and block the view.
9. People are looking for me only when they need me, this happens all the time.
10. To end this, life just got shorter by one day!

Please understand I don't hate last minute plans, they are fun and all like everybody think it is. I cannot afford them because of my injury i have, and I doubt its recovering. Not a man of luck.

Inside Joke*

Be Right Back = Be Right at your Back



It was a Good Game! Closest shave i ever got... 65 for Marketing, i got 40 from internal, meaning I got 25/50 during finals... EXACTLY the hurdle requirement... I almost screwed that up! God bless Kazakhstan!!!

Death note 3

Finally the pirated version is out, I'm going to watch in 1 hour or so, in the end the people behind pirated industries ain't killed by no one!


Cutting life

People committing suicide are everywhere of globe. It doesn't matter if Khan went against ideology of taking own life, it is just us. For we are liberated individuals, nobody can shed light on what we are to be.

Ever been fascinated by people who jumped down from buildings. Fear is instilled in everyone's mind through evolution so we don't walk into fire, get hit by on-coming car. For what did he or she have to end life prematurely?

For a consequence heavier than death, a music no living men dare to face. Yet it happened so swiftly... So peaceful... albeit the foul sight.


I see withdrawal whenever I take a step closer.

When you come closer, I'd have thoughts running wild.

It isn't even close to a consensus.

Again, I wonder.


Deprived of chances

Schools would teach me the differences between Malaria and Dengue, what are the effects of tax on economic wellbeing and Big bang's application.

I wonder how equity is achieved by hastily releasing slaves. Do you think freeing them adheres to human rights, or do you think it isn't human rights when now the population might have knife on throat anytime.

The researches on AIDS, drug abuse, global warming, adverse smoking effects and excessive alcohol consumption... How true are they? Just conspiracies with back-stages or exaggerated to discourage certain behaviors. To me, I treat them just like E-mail threats asking me not to drink coke and eat mentos at the same time.

When a butterfly leaves its cocoon, have it realised how beautiful it became?


Yeah, nowadays colleges and universities are commercialised, instead of educating the next generation, the ultimate goal is to generate profit for shareholders...

From Economics' point of view, I would say it is the best thing to happen, what's the problem when you are willing to pay and they compete against each other offering better education with high quality? We all know how non-private institutions are like... I cannot imagine Malaysia without Taylors', Sunway and Monash, I would have to be like Indonesians.

Why do people, at one hand see themselves as "customers" (yeah, throwing weight around showing they have this and that right and the office and lecturer have yada yada obligation...) and on another hand curse about how the college/university only want their money.

It is not like THEY are the customers, I think a customer isn't a customer unless he/she is the one paying. When I bring my dog for a trim, I am the customer! Customers are usually their parents, and we talk about duty of the institution, I would say it is getting them into society on best effort basis.

Put short, if education shouldn't be commercialised, swear in name of god that we did not study for a higher payroll?

Great song

shwayze - buzz'n

yes, a great song it is. And no lyrics, don't anymore think lyrics posted on blogs are actually even skimmed thru.

P/S: Kinda sad because they don't get their great songs appreciated by album sales. Sorry! iTunes is too cool for everyone and album costs half tank of petrol.


Relinquished hopes

I don't exactly remember when, reminiscence jut out of nowhere, literally I felt the dead-on strike unto me. Doppleganger forced me to gander at every facet of what I did, 3 hours could have decided my future, was it my paranoia or otherwise... Formless incarceration... execution should I be exonerated in 6 more days. I yearn for the transition.

PS: I expect result to be text-messaged to me by 10AM? Time in Melbourne is 2 hours earlier than Malaysia am I not right?


Pork and Beans


Sorry, embedding disabled!


I was slow that I saw the cyber war between xiaxue and dawn yang so late but WHAT THE HECK, Xia xue's new post was just as big as Anwar's case being brought up! I smell something.... VIRAL MARKETING either intentionally or otherwise.

Things you want to learn in Uni

Taken from

How come the fridge inside got light, but the freezer dun have?

Can blind people see their dreams? Do they dream?

Why is "bra" singular but "panties" plural?

If you try to fail and succeed instead, then what did you just do?

Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

Very true of below!!

Why do we kill people for killing people to show that killing people is wrong, and yet we say we are doing right when we kill them?

You have a new friend request

Political Views:

I support elder people to make use of internet... but I think putting a 52-year-old on sale, poking him around, attacking his vampire and challenging into a street race just doesn't sound right... I hope he employ me though, hope he owns an investment bank.


Proliferation of contriteness

14 days after exam, cognitive dissonance starts kicking in. I think about all I should have done in order to change things. I delayed only 14 days, 9 more days until the results are published, a text message would almost tell me what my future is going to be like. I have really no confidence in things after my Pre-U, it was made known to me that there are times failure is your destiny albeit your endeavor.

And contrite haunts me unto the fall of hammer