The previous camera


13,000 shots taken and I think it is really time to move on. Joshua bought my 400D from me, even as I type now I remember how frustrated I was in KL looking for a seller that would let me have a good price, it was almost twice my original budget!


Yes the photos are not full-frame, it gives me unwanted noise most of the time, its too small even for my small hands and the viewfinder was as big as a peep hole. Yet it still brought me through (and I also brought it) a lot of good and bad times. Since I was so new I practically brought it everywhere I go!


It amazes me sometimes by how it is so reliable and simplistic to operate, but now the idea of having a spare camera just doesn’t fancy myself just as much as before. Life’s totally hectic right now and all I bring along with me is book I need to study, guess there’s really little reason for it to stay.


Times where I just linger around the city looking for good light, it was so fresh and enjoyable I wish I could have the same experience once more.

I’m still very glad, looking at the rate-of-blasting from Joshua, I’m pretty sure good stuff would come out that little camera!

Old photos from the 400D, 2008 – 2010

In relation to that, I am also letting go another item.


The legendary Canon EF-S 18-200mm.


As you can see from the picture, the mount is only for 1.6X crop sensors (no actually you cannot see from the picture), I have to sell it off too because it is not doing anything right now.


It truly is the contender for travellers, the beauty of packing every single lens you’d need on a trip into this one little lens is one of the reasons I purchased it earlier. It really have served me well especially for my time in Melbourne!


This lens has got nothing but good reviews. Google it!


Leave me your offer if you are interested:)

Oh, of course it has no fungus or dust issues.

A place I once said I’d conquer


There’s just something special about going to the first place that made you remember.


Now I am left with a ticking clock, it better mean something good when it strikes 12.