Watch if you are Malaysian, find out too if you are not a Malaysian. Just 2 minutes to brighten up your day.

I’ve got the cutest shihsu in the whole world

When the tight slap isn’t on your face

how easy it is


Adamantly me

I am overloading my semester. I find it my responsibility to finish my degree within time frame I am really supposed to. Be ready for the world. It is exciting, to be taking one step closer to the corporate ladder.

Intense day! Really tired by now and really shocked by now, really thankful by now and really glad for the day!


The worst fear you could find, is in you

It is 3, rather late for pace of life here… It is a bit of a sleepless night, probably noted when I’m actually writing in my blog. Let’s just say something unpleasant took place in a setting I predicted, again I hate when I am right…

I realised I don’t understand most of the people around, it is as though I am from another planet.



How could everyone make right decisions and end up, here.



I thought it was brilliant. Oops. But what is that to be ashamed of? I finally got a good shot after SO LONG, I almost thought my photography is dying off. I lost touch of telling tales from photos by the way.

I got shocked by something I shouldn't see, sometimes you hate yourself for being right... Damn!


Ambiguity and irony

Took this shot daringly, apparently the title says it all.


You disappeared from the surface of the moon

I truly know now that things I thought were precious and eventually had to depart from, are all part of the plan. So enchanting yet impossible, you broke me free from the chains.



Just found online that street photography is perfectly legal in Australia, made my day a little bit brighter.

And found out tonnes of origins of stuff and ascertained that Americans have no culture, hamburgers are not even from America.

Just thought it would tell me what I want in editorial shots.

City of emotions


Da Da Da

I heard we found a vaccine for swine flu, we also found hypocrites in the world following death of MJ. Why didn't you guys stand up when people say something bad about MJ, probably he didn't have to live like that. Perhaps you guys could send in complains and make media stop digging out his private stuff, and please, it is not to find out cause of death, or we won't see news about it so openly.


Crying milk crate



Sara says, the water stain  is a man holding flowers, do you see it?


Day One

Loving holidays!



My photos are really predictable, what should I do?



I find the subject I seek through viewfinder is usually what I look for in life.

My two friends’ flight just got cancelled, and it wasn’t covered by travel insurance, I should have bought insurance for people who wait for friends to arrive, in case they don’t arrive, I get compensated.


I’m the only one

Even if I do, I wouldn’t tell, for it is too painful to. I'm not sorry about anything, to anyone.

I just want to shout your name out loud

I need a haircut, and I have a lot shopping to do too.


Hastala vista

Going off to Belgrave and won’t be back until 5th of July. Yes, my photos are boring and predictable, hope I get new perspectives.

Oh, I haven’t done my packing yet… or even my unpacking…



I really don’t think H1N1 worth any attention, at least not so much… Please, life is too short to be worried about things like this.

I really appreciate my trip to Auckland, I must admit it is a really relaxing place, from that it beats Melbourne hands down, but I still love Melbourne so much!

This trip told me how badly I need to travel in future, there are so many exciting places to visit and to fall in love with! I’d make SEA the next stop and then hopefully Europe. Since I got place to crash in London, Birmingham, Manchester and even Glasgow.

It is indeed an eye opener, from the trip and Stuart the host, and did you guys know that there are actually no one who would call himself British?


I scheduled this trip to be right after my exams, and it was one of the best decision ever made.

The vineyards are great too! We went wine tasting at several of them and sort of broadened my knowledge of wine… In fact before this the only thing I know about wine is Merlot, which I don’t even like.

It wasn’t pleasant, but at least it feels so much brighter now.

Oh crap, my coffee pilgrimage was utter failure.