I got nothing to do, so I played with this


How’s everyone?

And how’s god?

A sudden whim says i want to try landscape, my worst of all. I want a new camera.


Melbourne, not my cup of latte?


I never thought I’d post this lousy photo, pardon me for the crappy photo. Just that I can see myself and my friends in the photo, I see someone in deep thought, I see Melbourne, and I see almost everything that I am struggling in.

Been in a brainstorm I never thought I’d be in, since I visited Australia as a kid I thought I saw the place I’m gonna be living at. I see a whole different world… Nothing in Australia seemed unpleasant, except Adelaide and Canberra. Then again, that was when I haven’t got values deeply planted in my head.

And then something changed. I saw parents aging and my grandmother who I thought would live for at least a century, passed away. This thought flashed through my head, I want to be there for their times they need me. I’m very likely trading my dream for this. It is something simplistic, but it is what you could ever ask for, at least in the Asian context that is.

Question is, am I a coward to face unemployment in Melbourne, or a weakling who doesn’t want to face the more stressful life in Singapore. The only thing I know now is that, no matter which I opt for, there is no turning back…

I reminded myself the butterfly effect, I thought of what I decide today, could affect my future for the better or worse. So I told myself that I’d be 21, old enough to watch my steps and not crush on any butterflies unnecessarily, I know any step hereon are important enough to affect my hundred of years ahead.


I must decrease and he must increase


I have problems with myself and I thought it would be naive to control anything else before I could handle my stress and anxiety.

God will pull me through. I believe.


All out of love

IMG_5954[1] IMG_0066[1]

Somebody has to give me input as to what to take in Pontian before I give up. I know I have three dogs but it would be a lot like chasing a wild goose and it really is, they never looked into the camera.



I am so impressed by oldies, lyrics are so powerful. When was the last time anything contemporary even made sense to your ears. Even their names don’t.


Satellite ears, two front teeth, 21st already?


Sorry Wei Xiong, this is the clearest photo I’ve got of yours. not

I didn’t finish this timely enough but I guess it wouldn’t matter because you are in a place more suburban than Pontian, no McDonald’s too. Just thought you have been an awesome friend and my year at Melbourne would be totally dull without you around!

Happy birthday.




I shifted from what I used to like to do, it is more than a season because it is a permanent change. It is a change because I want it to happen.

I’m getting older. I got a new found inspiration too, it is a person.


you go to the same cafe 3 times in 2 days


There’s really nothing too fancy back home for me, but I am still glad that I seem to appreciate little things back here unnoticed by most of the people. Picking up small interesting pieces along your way seems more fun than it sounds.


Of course not too crazy about the people I smile to, don’t know who they are, but smile to anyway because my mom talks to them.


When you are at home watching series, tired but you don’t feel like sleeping yet. Your eyes closed, listening to what they are trying to say,  you notice that talking scenes isn’t only about the conversation alone.

And by you, I meant me.



Back home there’s really nothing much to do, just excited about Pasar Malam I’m going later. I also got a long to-eat list in mind which I’m not near to closing the books.

Also, I have been behind for my studies about… money market yields right now, self study is harder than I thought, it is literally a battle against the power Philistine monster of procrastination.

I really need to video some part of this town, I’m thinking it might actually work… Unfortunately, the way I photograph stuff in Melbourne would never work in Pontian. However, thanks for the sunlight being so ever merciful.

I am quite sick of the whole whining about Malaysia already, not only that people complain about the wrong thing out of ignorance, people do not appreciate what they have at all. Grow up.



I should go out with my camera in Pontian already, to see if there’s anything I can share here.


Pieces splattered

It takes a while, until you know life goes on without that special someone.


A slice of Melbourne

And a slice of me.

I don’t know how to say goodbye.


It is just like putting a full stop for now

So I got woke up by housemates as usual, such a norm I don’t even find it annoying anymore, studied and drifted away and cycle went on. Went to the exam venue earlier and thought I’d be back in Malaysia deprived of coffee and exams have been my excuse for not thinking about money, coffee was a no brainer at MamaDukes.

... And how wrong was I?

I forgot where I heard from that MamaDukes is a satelite of St. Ali, apparently they don’t use St. Ali beans like the cafe in Clayton and I don’t see Salvatore not coming after their lives because there is not much quality in it. This is by far the worst temperature control ever. See that? YOU SEE THAT?

At least for now I still can hold grudge. This gave me more justification of my capital expenditure on coffee machine, next year I’d hunt for one.

Apart from the coffee I couldn’t believe I had, I also couldn’t believe my unique visitors per week, I DO have readers! Thanks guys, it makes keeping this blog more meaningful!

Penny, she got this photo taken in dessert house. I actually liked this photo a lot

Since I’m unlikely to see the Penny and Shirley after this semester I thought the last paper dinner I should be eating with them!


And again I fell in love with this whole place. Despite all the hailstorms and pre-menstrual weather you have slammed on all of us here, I still love you Melbourne.

Dogs are just made to melt my heart… Anyone are sharp enough to see what is the merit in this dog? It is his fashion sense! See the collar? Leopard prince.




Explosion of thoughts

There is this epiphany in my head that I feel I'd forget if I don't write them, thought this is the best place.

I think the world we live in today is very pessimistic, we look at the dark sides of life, when we talk about the world today, people would bring in pollution, abortion, terrorism and crazy predictions about apocalypse in 20 years when meteorologists fail to give you weather prediction for tomorrow.

People are no longer accustomed to think, they are just not used to thinking anymore. Seriously like what you do everyday, you could almost do all of them without much thinking, even problems you "might" face, you could just throw in formulas or logics you have been taught in College and have the easy way out. That is why people are very susceptible to nonsensical rumours spread over. There are people who said I live with a cynical mind. I'd call it scepticism for the better. I am prepared at all times not to accept anything. So as I don't accept the conspiracies of Vietnam war and how Neil Armstrong never landed on moon.

Why do we look at problems and problems alone. People think I act kiddish at times. I do it because in the world today we can, we are free to think and do so much more than what we used to compared to 40 years ago. As you come to think of it, a lot of stuff we currently have are impossible if we were born 30 years earlier. People are never satisfied, you take good things you have for granted and get used to things you suffer from. This idea practically made the dream of "better life" a joke.

People want cleaner air, but do you really want it? Do you think you can handle the costs of going green...? You might not be flying as frequent and as economically. You might have to give up your car. You might have to pay more for steaks, since they are not technically "green" poultry.

A lot of people think the world is becoming a worse place day by day, I think the world never changed, it is people that made world a problem than a place to reside.


Se7en Seed5

Been studying, and studying, and studying, somehow everything became less important. I don’t call back home as much, I don’t facebook or twitter, I don’t even talk to people.

Family guy, coffee and a bit of photos became my only getaway.

It is just so hard to push yourself, like who you are trying to convince?

Instead I have been pushing people away.


God help

If I were to tell how photography is in one word, I’d rather show you photos! No, these are just crappy photos I took last Sunday.

I have this theory that god hears when you blog or comment on blogs.

To god,

I really really really want the place…


I realised people with the strongest Aussie accent are found among asians.

Revelation I got today is, Life with public transport is a life under armpit. If you don’t get it, you’d get it when you are on a bus…

A life of cafe hunting?

My first paper was really good, thanks for asking!

Who’s on the other end?



Grocery bar, I bet someone from planetshakers must have missed his tram stop and stumbled upon this place.


and Melissa.



I love this place, except they close when they are supposed to be open… And I hate it more when I am going back so soon, not much coffee slurping lately.

Am currently addicted to Anberlin… I think they are cool people.