I go to the same place… almost every other days


I confess, I have been a tad lazy to create images, now I just blast a few frames on Program and I start eating (because that is the only apparent thing I shoot in Pontian) and also the fact that I only dine (as if I eat very formally but au contraire) in a few selected places, so much for variation I know…


My self reading on CFA text on holiday was an epic failure, I did possibly a meagre amount of it and I am not wielding them too well. I am just… letting holidays be holidays. I know one day my procrastination would come back to haunt me, some of these days…


Malaysian food are still far too spicy for my liking. Nothing against spiciness, I know it adds thrill and excitement to the food but to tell the truth, it is just a sensation of heat, there is not much taste to itself, or maybe I just haven’t learnt how to appreciate it.

My chowchow


I love my dogs. It never failed to baffle me simply looking at the photo taken when they were new born and what they are today, from tiny frail creatures until the brave and strong companions of today.

I really see myself keeping a Husky in the future!

New year doesn’t mean much to me, at least not as much as normal people I know. I only know in 2 months I will be back in University rushing through mundane assignments.

Being back home… makes me so fallen, so lazy. When was the last time I woke up in time to jog.




I guess I DO need a better camera body. Got the joke? Guess not, and some of you probably get it on the way back home.


The end is near.


I’m just sad that I am about to work but I haven’t been to Europe. Instead I’d spend 2 months loitering around Melbourne.

And those 5D2 Videos are way too sick I am obsessed…

And honestly I am not a fan of new year resolutions. But I believe that everyday you wake up from your bed, you choose what and who you want to be, because everything you do today will have a lasting effect on your future.

So, who you gonna be?

Food stalking





Same 2 u


I… did not do anything much for Christmas.


Know this is late but, Merry X’mas.


Season’s greeting

Guess how I spent my Christmas eve?

Coming back home… is almost like hitting yourself back to square one. Back to the fallen days, it is late and I just sometimes refuse to go home, and face a computer like I do now. Or you could say I am in self denial, I do not want to admit that I do not have as much friends as people thought.

And when you feel like having a swing at someone, you drive 10 K’s to the nearest driving range and make it into something fruitful. A lot of people have been telling me it is an old men’s sport but I think it is still a better sport than stereotyping. It really feels good to discover how letting out all you have, is not by brute force on it.

I saw my photos, I think most of them are horrible, I seriously don’t know how you guys could stand my photos. Thanks to you guys, really. They are so lousy I could hardly justify an upgrade for myself now.

I got to meet a lot of friends, seeing them… different from what I am. They got one thing that set apart from myself, commitments. A lot of them are either married, about to marry or as good as married. Damn, it makes me look like a kid in front of them.


Filler post

It’s been quite some time since I last updated…

Editing photos on a touchpad is NOT going to work. not when Genting gives me this kind of connection speed.


3 and half hours of sleep before I hit the road, and yes, I could even make it for breakfast in Pontian…

Sorry for the lousy photo, I don’t know why I’m doing this.


I came through


I went onto Monash portal only to see 4 units enrolled for my coming semester, rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and I really wasn’t.

I got them… Just like that… No more extended semester(s) or whatsoever. Just another guy with a stupid hat donned in the harry potter graduation robe, or do you call it a gown? Either way you call it, it is funny. My real holiday starts now!

But damn… working sounds good, really really good.






That a violin?

What’s going on?

6 more days until it reaches

And what do you see?




You just press the level on the elevator you want to go, you ask yourself,  wow this is life. Just to realise there is very little you can grasp.




Tomorrow the faculty will assess my SECOND application sent in… behind bureaus are the ugly faces… I really hope I would get what I want. Don’t even think it could be what I need, I do NOT need an extra semester I do not deserve and I won’t.

No looking on the bright side of life. No matter how you justify something wrong, it does not become less wrong. What you think and say could change how you feel towards certain things but it could NOT change the nature of things.

Even accountants have imaginations…


Meko + 15 minutes + lousy beach at pontian = ??

After a short trip to Desaru without bringing my camera, we decided to take Meko for a short walk at the beach, which dog does not love hanging out right?

Take a deep breath, really, there are 15 photos below.
















Yeah, that’s about it, what more you expect from someone who got no foundation in arts at all?

It was a good exercise for waist level shooting, sucha Hassleblad wannabe…

She’s charming isn’t it? Even Malays who normally don’t like dogs couldn’t turn their eyes away from her. She is 42 in dog years!

No animals were harmed during the process of shooting.


The Malay version of bakuteh….


Ok, it is not malay bakuteh, it is actually sup kambing and nasi lemak.


This is my breakfast before my trip to Desaru.


In fact… I gotta leave now now, will be back tomorrow. Sorry about the crappy editing.


At the dawn of life


A family friend passed away last night. He had people who cared for him, yet he died on bed not having anyone at the bedside. After months and months of chemotherapy.

It is not too much to say he was more than a brother to my grandfather. Imagine having a friend for 70 years.

Death, you don’t make sense. We know we have to face it one day, so inevitable yet we refuse to accept. I always thought as much as it is a natural part of the cycle of life, it is just not the baby shower, not 21st birthday, not the wedding.

It is not you who left the world, it is about the people you have left behind in this world…

Perhaps death is more saddening for people around you, than it is to yourself who left without worries.

What a wonderful world


I’m posting this… because it is too late to sleep early.

I don’t really seem to be able to enjoy my holiday… my last… friggin’ holiday. All the bureaucratic issues got me crazy, I don’t even have a good temper nowadays.

Staying in hometown is quite refreshing, I never thought this day would come and never thought I'd say this but I am coming closer to playing on a proper golf course.

I forgot how you look like. It must have been a while, and yes it is.


Officially screwed

On 3rd of November I received this email.

Your enquiry has been received by the Faculty of Business and Economics Student Administration office on the Caulfield campus.
Your enquiry will be responded to as soon as possible.  Please note that during peak periods, response time for an email is within 3-5 working days.

Thank you for your patience whilst the Faculty responds to your enquiry.
Kind regards,
Student Services

On 9th of November I got this…

Dear Student
This email is to advise that your application to study AFF units at Caulfield in 2010 will be assessed after the  enrolment closing date.
(which is by the way 26th of November)
We will advise you by email as to the outcome of your application.

And today…

We have no record of your original request to study at Caulfield.
Elizabeth is no longer in this office. Please resend the details of the
enrolment that you wish to study next year at Caulfield and it will be
assessed next Tuesday.
Faculty of Business and Economics
Berwick campus

What the hell? Not only that I submitted my form on first day of them accepting enrolment. I went to office and personally asked for an update on progress. Now All I got is this? I even check my Monash mail a few times a day just to make sure I did not miss anything.

I take it as a confirmation that I should not do my masters with Monash, and take it as I should not even stay in Melbourne. Melbourne has been crazy to me.


If I lay here, If I just lay here


I haven’t gotten any new songs for about a year… Sometimes old music can  be so sweet, you refuse to move on. How Bizzare.