Blurted out

I am finding the missing puzzle piece.



Nothing much


I shouldn’t be here posting anything, Uni is getting busy.




I just realised I have not been living as free as I thought, it is the expectation from all around. It is traumatising when you actually start to picture who place expectation on you. Or I have just taken up too much responsibilities… For I can just do so much.



I never told anyone this, but I am very happy with my shabby blog here. For it being primitively my way of exploding everything onto, talk about topics nobody would want to hear, show dismal, even condemn people in subtle ways yet it ended up impacting me myself and also some people reading it! Believe it or not. Another thing which is NOT up to you to believe, is that God can use just everyone and everything.

Street photography is controversial, just as much as everything else you do. Isn’t everything?



I really do believe it will be fulfilled, for I have asked. You have been faithful, to my faithless old self.

Angel Mortal

I think I screwed up my presentation, I couldn’t believe I can’t let something as small as 2% bother me. At least I had a good time with my childish friends, it feels good to be just like a kid :)


I’m back

No, just let it speak to you.


A day in Melbourne city

It is actually a very weird title, I guess this semester is really busy.

Also I did bump into a lot of people, took some shots I was satisfied with, guess the day have been fruitful. I needed this trip down, people are finding out that I've been pulling materials from stock photos.

Breakfast Brunch with TwoFrontTeeth.

Coffee Adventure!

Lindt Chocolat Cafe… I HATE bursting bubbles but this Cafe despite its classy name, can’t live up to standards. The chocolate used for cakes barely fit to be served with ice cream. Unless presentation of food, fancy name and ambience is your priority, you wouldn’t want to go there. What did they call their chocolate mousse again?

Also, I wonder if Laurent makes cafe latte and flat white differently…



Tears of wine

That’s the gorgeous name for droplets right above surface of wine. Simultaneously forming and flowing back to the glass of wine. Subtly, there is a sad story unbeknownst to people.

Don’t ask me why


I’m a kid

I walked home. I thought I needed nothing to be happy, but it is not true for my age. I reached a time where I have responsibilities and expectations on my shoulders. Being a kid is just so blissful, even fat kids are considered cute.



I’m waiting, and in a few minutes I’d be off to Grampians. I’ve recently let way too many things into my head.


Coffee and camera

Can’t believe it is 3AM!

Why do I face and tumble upon the most colossal and miniscule things in life? Simple stuff like logging onto twitter, signing up a cap plan, paying fees, just going to classes. Big stuff like getting PR and completing a degree with the major I wanted.

It is ridiculous when I come to think of it, I have got ALL the qualities and resource needed to live life abundantly, I just hit the wrong timing, all the time. Am I just cursed?!

Why is it that everytime you show me a way, you slam the door right onto my face. Maybe this is just my life, every morning I wake up I pray that you would bless my day but it doesn’t seem to affect me much. If I am going to live life abundantly, why are you holding back on what you are going to give me.

Is the way to heaven a long and painful way or is it I have been just shut down by you. I ask for nothing more than a simple life with coffee and camera, is that too much to ask for. My life and a life of starving, disease stricken kid in third world country, they don’t really make a difference because both are not what I am looking for in life.

Are you the answer Messiah? If yes, please set things right for me, if no… just let me hit the button and let the shutter curtains go down, black my view out and just not let it come back again… I don’t want a life that I cannot live abundantly.


Sick of hiding


I’m not going to lie to myself anymore, whatever needs to be done, has to be done.


Sheer addiction

I think I came to a stage whereby I am knowing more about myself day by day, I am constantly brain storming, I wonder if this is a good thing…

Coffee I ordered have been bad, photos have been dull, life isn’t exactly at its tip top. Busy but that is the way I love it!

Sometimes goodbye is a painful way of saying I love you.

Putting into perspective



I don’t really like titles for photos, I like to throw a photo and let everyone drown in suspense.


It is not wrong

It is a time when the bitterness knows you best and you know bitterness best.


9 seconds video this time

How could a demonstration be illegal, and spraying chemicals in public be legal…