A walk down the mainroad and a right turn at Hindu temple

Loysel’s Toy.


A hidden gem in Singapore, serves decent coffee but fortyhands can beat em hands down, all forty of them.

Most importantly, I never thought I’d get to take photos of cafe like this.



I like how you keep your name in lower case.

I like how you make your sentences short.

I like how you can be so unexpectedly funny.


It was the last day of June as we know it.

Everytime I book for a taxi cab, the system would register me as Mr. Ron. Nobody knew how it ended up configured that way.

It is not like I ever cared, you get into a cab, having the only intention as getting off that thing as soon as you can. At that time I just quietly accepted the name that meant nothing.

Like what bad things could happen, had I ignored that.