I can't tell a lie pa; you know I can't. I did cut it with my hatchet

Mason Locke Weems was believed to have fabricated the story about Washington chopping down cherry tree and admitted to his father. A thing which we should have realised.

If it is true, the morale should be that, people become liar when they grow up, as politicians do not apologise...

Feel so proud out of sudden

I studied for Accounting without practicing and managed to do fine... Think I'm quite happy? Not about accounting but I'm eluted that I overthrew the consensus that accounting needs practice. Think maybe they are giving more weight for idea expansion. Accounting entries prove nothing but hard work, but explaining the concepts just shows that you understand them well.

PS: I took the picture myself too, its great no? Just a little bit of narcissism and conceitedness, hope ya don't mind(: LOL


VZ virus

And yeah, I caught chicken pox despite my previous vaccination, again I have not faith in our bio-medical advancement, they can't treat any freakin viruses! (Maybe remedy for small pox but it was plain accidental discovery)

I made one right decision which is coming back hometown for recuperating purpose, without air-conditioning it is plain nightmare, fighting against your own reflexes is very frustrating! As the air is dry now, I do not feel itchy after waking up!!

I'm supposed to be having Company reporting, Financial Management and Commercial Banking tutorials:( I rather catch it on Friday so I get to still go... God knows how tough it is to catch up.

Gotta go people, in case I pass on virus to my computer, subsequently this blog and your computers as well! ZOMGGGG



Microsoft's answer to those using fake Windows - Screen Blackout

Good luck to Microsoft, they speak as if they are god and every measures against piracy are so perfect. Crackers are gonna fix it pretty soon, as always.

When they think they worked things out for bringing more users to using Original copies, maybe we just had no choice when we are buying a notebook computer.


Firefox+ Aerofox updated

It looks so great right now:P


Perhaps, just perhaps

Tentatively speaking: People work so hard for money that they forget money meant something more important that what they see it as.
If you think you have strived for what you wanted, yet unfruitful.

Perhaps... You just have not worked hard enough to accept that you could still fail albeit your effort.



I ever thought, wouldn't it be so disappointing to realise that what you have been pursuing for entire life have been impossible... Which is what exactly happened to alchemists, aiming at turning metals into the more valuable gold and afterall there was not even a chance...



I don't seem to be having enough time, or have I been underutilising my time? I made my one whole day of free time just studying 2 chapters of Macroeconomics and completed practices...

Maybe I have to alter my way... And sorry about having no fate on intention, I had intention for everything but nothing ever prevailed in life.



CAUTION: Inadequate for faint hearted & heavily addictive for trance freakasses.



Just got the pictures from my sister, have long heard about her haircut but didn't expect it to be so different and so... ADORABLE!
Missed you so much

I still think it is the fault of government

The 1 million ringgit incentive just put more pressure on Lee CW. For all that I know, more money reward would only make you work harder for it but in no way push you to a higher level... Ah Chai(LCW's father) also mentioned that he was off form and could not handle pressure. Didn't he make a lot of mistakes even though Lin Dan was not aggressively attacking?

It is true that when sports are involved with money, things become funny because they perform worse when there are more money on the table. It is good that he donated to SiChuan earthquake from his 300k ringgit though, for sake of showing that we are not hating China:P

I still think I remember LinDan's strokes were created by HuaShan... 有凤来仪?

This is the sad thing about athletes aye? You could rise to stardom by 20s but you might just retire at your 20s as well. Phelp was just amazing... 8 gold at a time???

Oh wait, did I say Lee Chong Wei? I guess I meant Datuk Lee Chong Wei :) And he gets pension of 3000 ringgit per month starting from next month by the way. For more, read Datukship

Enough of good olympic sports, look at this olympic trial ok? lol..

Remember, brick walls are there to stop people who dotn want it badly, you should overcome it just like how brick walls did not stop Mas Selamat! Good luck!!!


The ensuing

Next moment you realise, anything could happen...

Do I not despise you Monash?

Final Exam Information
15 August 2008 09:46
Please note the following change to the exam information contained in the unit oultine

Students will not be able to take the accounting handbook into the final exam this semester.

This is a result of a recent change in Faculty and Department Policy and is a response to the increased level of cheating (use of unauthorised materials) that has been occurring in recent exam periods.

Janet Jackson
Chief Examiner

Not the one from the Superbowl escapade of course. Albeit all, it is such a cunt, I bought my handbook for almost 200 ringgit. Is this not too late?

Monash is hiring that *cough*motha*cough* to teach until 2011? A great milestone for Monash! For the fact that we DO NOT CARE IF OUR LECTURER SPEAKS PROPER ENGLISH JUST BECAUSE THE PLACE IS EMPTY. Wait a minute, was he from other Faculty??


What made myself a pauper this month

Wallet, Financial calculator and External hard drive in juxtaposition, which is confusing enough.

Polo tees.
Portable external speaker.

Can I not mention the price?


My dog bitch had a new haircut and I want to see it!



I tossed and turned, I could not fall asleep.

Seeing just the tip of the iceberg is homicidal for me.

My ears are humming, something is trampling my head, I'm losing it...

It's ok

LCW lost, Lin Dan was too strong to be defeated, which is obvious when everybody anticipated his appearance for finals. It's ok everyone, it's not that Malaysia have not lost before, we almost lost in EVERY event! (:

Losers like me will keep repeating that sportsmanship is of the utmost importance! Who cares about gold medal? *cough*everyone*cough*

This is by no means a derogatory statement, it is still sad that we lost our hope. To make things worse, next olympic he would be so old that chances of him prevailing as champion is even thinner.


Last lecture

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

It is a talk meant for people who are about to have lives ended, which made Randy one of them. Randy's doctor told him he could only live healthily for 3-6 months as he have tumours in liver. He is so positive and I could not believe he is ill. It is a youtube video for ONE hour but it was not boring at all. oh wait, none of you knew people would clap any longer than 3 minutes for a talk? Now you do... And here are some quotes...

It is such a shame that people perceive you so arrogant because it is going to limit what you are going to accomplish in life.

Experience is what you get, when don't get what you wanted.

When you get angry at some people, maybe you just have not given them enough time.

Your critics are those who tell you they love you with care.

When you screw up and nobody is there to tell you that, it is the worst place to be.

Become a professor, because you are such a good salesman that you might as well be selling something worthwhile, like education.

Brick walls are there for a reason, to stop those who don't want it badly.

I don't know how to not have fun. I am dying and I am having fun. I am going to keep having fun for the days I have left.

"What can you do professor Randy."
"I err.... have been 10 years of computer science professor."
"Thats not what I asked, I asked what can you do"

Look, if you retire, it is not worth living anymore.

When it comes to men romantically interested in you, just ignore everything they say, and see what they do.

It is really cool to meet your childhood hero but it is even cooler when your childhood hero is here to look at what cool things you are doing.

Get outta my way

Tentatively speaking: Is it the white headgear atop your temple or the god of terrorists in you making you outta of your mind? Beat it.

For those who don't know, I had a road-trip to Malacca and recently I took a lot of pictures! And yeah, for the same reason I bought my 320GB external Hard Drive, I had to or I could not upload my pictures!

And yeah, even though the shopkeeper claimed that 320GB models are unstable, as if I would buy it, to me it is just their tactics to clear their 250GB models... People go that far just to get what they wantaye?

Days have been busy and today I'm going to try catching up with my lectures & tutorials which I have set aside long enough.

Longer update when I have more free time, again... As if people care reading:P

Who said money can't buy happiness, I could buy you a wedding ring and make you my wife.

Get well soon baby!




Do I not need an external Hard Disk? 320 sounds good to me...


So it is tomorrow

I planned to go back today, this afternoon or something.

It ended up...
With a funky Lamboghini-like-sporty-yanky-omgwtfbbq left window. I had to fix it... again... after it was broken BY the mechanic and ATTEMPTED(failed, obviously) to fix the window several times...

So it would be tomorrow then, sigh!


3 2 1

I'm trying to stay awake.
I'm trying to hide my emotions.
I'm trying to care less.
I'm trying to be myself.
I'm trying to not let others know.
I'm trying to get into my plan, so wise yet with a stupid motive.

It still had to happen, the long wait. Yes, I've seen it coming.
Contemplating did not help even wee bit and aggravated the suffering.
It is crazy, plain crazy.
Screw it... I can't even smile.



Back again in Pontian. I still don't know how I am going to handle my accounting assignment! Still dont know if I'm going back Subang alone... Not like those are new to me though.
After all, everything was hard to comprehend. Semantic Aphasia.



After morning ablution, i feel so ready to take the world... Here comes the pain!


Talking about you

Why are you going back on Wednesday?
I'm flying back by the end of the week!


Daft I was!

Greatest concern have always been what befall on them, not the intention and reason behind. So, the past effort doesn't contribute towards the end, at all. Would you tamper with something precious to you? I know (: