off to moon, I took off, feet off the ground.


Where do you see yourself, in 2 years?


Building 75

I never knew it could be such a beautiful name…


JOURNAL-ism @ Flinders La

This was impromptu, it all started with me walking into Pushka near the rubbish dump for coffee. I ended up having a coffee revelation, it was just haunting for me to have a coffee without bitter after-taste, having the right temperature and simply put, just something I could not pick on. I have not gotten such a good cup of coffee in hand and I doubt I ever will.


Which later made me wanting to go back for another cup with Nat and Kelly. Firstly I wanted Brother Baba Budan but it was closed. Checked back Pushka and they closed earlier than they stated by few hours, I guess these are true cafes that don’t come with services, the coffee there was good enough to be sold in vicinity of a rubbish dump!

This was a bit complicated to enjoy, it is as though you need a degree to complete the drink. Sticky-date pudding was brutally decapitated and amputated by two ladies before a proper photo could be taken.


I like how coffee stain lingers on my finger tip

A lot have been happening to me lately, knowingly or unknowingly, intrapersonal and interpersonal. It is amazing how a simple mention can put me into deep thought. It shocked me, how I responded to the past. And I realised there are times it is so hard to utter a single word.

I was clearing my HDD and I found this! Wei Xiong’s first fSLR, and little did I know he came up with tonnes of brilliant shots with it.

Two Front Teeth

I never knew I’d find an aspiration tailor made for me, I was almost down to nothing and this just turned the table. It is something that turned all my flaws into merits. I am already very excited about it, it is at least 2 years before I could realise it.

Stories of my life…


Broken Strings

In the world of emoticons, I was colon capital d (Big Bang Theory, 2009).

Playing on broken strings is one of the most expected events from OCF! After months and months of praying and discussion, revelation out of revelation, the performance is finally dished out.

Sadly, I was the only one photographing, but I guess the photos are likeable! When this happens on me, it means I am inspired:) AWESOME performance!

It was about how three person from, three different backgrounds, and saw god at the end of tunnel.

They were sad because they are moving out of myriong soon. Ok, maybe only Elisa is sad.

We almost filled the venue! Honestly this surprised me, hours before event I was complaining how less than a hundred RSVP-ed on the facebook invitation.

Backstage was more interesting than the stage though.

Not sure about everyone, but for me it is a fantastic way to start holidays.

To be honest it was not a smooth sail, it rained before and after the event, we lost our keys for our poster boy, we had dancer hitting head into props, we had photographer who forgot the camera, and I can go on and on.

but god is still good, we had souls being saved, that was the time when I realise everything was worth it, when it is purposeful!

Eugene who looked like thieve that night.

Can I use this for my blog header?:D I’m planning to revamp this crappy layout.

And apparently everyone got closer to one another!

Refreshments after performance was great too! Hope I had more time to snap but they were out before I know it.

And all for his kingdom, for the sacriface on the cross:)

God spoke to me, I want to be a war journalist. End.


What’s up doc?

You live everyday trying to cheat death.

Oh, what have you awaken.



It have been so draining, events after events, meet ups after meet ups. I don’t even know if I still understand what is priority anymore, making choices have always been tough for me, for the great or miniscule. My holidays are coming in few days but all I want is to have a good rest and restart the tiring study weeks and *gasp* exams.

Today I realised after all things being in place, same person who did extracting espresso and frothing milk, the coffee made by the barista still failed to impress me. It is a sign that I should start making my own coffee.

This was us trying so hard to fix the model, and we failed. Miserably. From pose to pose we had such a great deal to go through.

Know how our mind and eyes don’t tell us everything? Everything in this photo was sort of alright, but see where her eyes were at, this is NOT the way to model. I have done quite a few model shoots, for the first time, I was told that photographer need to tell model what to do, by that she literally meant I had to spend like a good half an hour on one pose.

She refused to pose as we told, saying her knees hurt she cannot do this and that. Even she poses, she does for sake of doing, no body language, nada. In this photo I feel as if she is watching television.

I understand I’m more slanted towards street photography, but I never knew this model shoot would fail that badly. So badly I’d hold no qualms letting you guys delete all the shots of her. I was NOT inspired, if you want my bad experience in photographing, this is one.


another ink-blot

Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes

the song is so filled with emotion I can't breathe.

The photos were from one of my first real studio shoots albeit short, and also I went for my first "event coverage" the day before. I realised, I need to keep myself inspired to shoot, else they'd just be crap, now they are fine, at least from what I see. Maybe I'm never meant to do commissioned job.



Not a day to celebrate

An egg I was cooking the other, inspired by Eugene Tong.

I just came out from a bad day… considering it is past 12 o’clock. Had to walk in rain for 15 minutes just to catch the bus to Uni. As you might have guessed, the rain subsided once I got to the bus stop. I could have skipped them but I felt like crap skipping too many times a week.

Got back my assignment graded N, 47,  for the first time in life, despite how my key points are the same as my friends who did well.

Not to mention getting almost nothing out of tutorials, had my last class ending earlier, rejoiced. Just to realise that I validated my train ticket a little bit too early and hence my ticket doesn’t last for the rest of the day.

Got to the venue after a bit of clumsiness as usual, waited for Juwita but she did not sing “Breathe again”

Bought another ticket, just to lose it.

Flipped through the newspaper and found out there are Indians being beaten in Melbourne and an Indian taxi driver being stabbed by demented AIDS carrier.

The last point is not related to this post.


Santa tells all the lie

The red scarf loiters

What was brought forth

in all promises it flew

it wondered, where does the skyline end.