Lvl II

So Here I am again.

I don’t really know what this feels like, everything is just happening blistering fast around me. I felt like I just passed CFA Level 1 and so here it comes the second paper. I kid you not, having barely more than 2 months to study and I am only done till my fourth book, it suddenly seemed justifiable to burn almost 20 days of annual leave just to study for a paper.

Fact of the day: CFA candidates plan to spend at least 300 hours, for a 6-hour paper. Every level.

As much as I hate where I am in workplace, I guess I’d just have to submit to the idea that we all go through the bad phase of things making sure we are really through, so that we won’t have to revisit the phase.

It really does benefit in developing a new personality, as much as the world would see otherwise. Yet, guess who ends up seeing it?

As I feel super connected to heaven today, and as the world would point at me and say I’m an arrogant lad perhaps, I still want to leave this composer with below.

I believe, I am not a waste of time.

Winning feels good, and I like to feel good.


Runnin’ out

I want to be back in but it is harder than I thought. I don’t know how taking photos became such a luxury and I believe this is really an understatement. Bringing my camera along was such a normal thing to do and there are even people in Melbourne who associate me directly with that. I guess working life is a totally different ball game, it is always about planning ahead.

A lot of things changed from *gasp* my last post, especially this blog, I think it has become a private journal since most people have forgotten about it anyway. I am in a position that holds so much uncertainty, in fact I don’t even know if it is a dead end despite the having all the terms being reasonable. I much rather be with financial models and spreadsheet all day. I have always doubted people who doesn’t believe money is not everything, but I think… I am challenged, so badly.

My watch died… It was a gift from someone special… I guess it should go away altogether, it is right about time. Also I would not trust anything Italian other than their cars, in just 3 years it could malfunction just like that. But I saw something handmade and mechanical, and I am in love again. In fact I am viewing the timepiece tomorrow.

Wish me luck.