A chilly morning

I guess I expect nothing less from coldest April morning for 56 years in Melbourne. Yes, it hit just below 3 C this morning. While Coldstream, the place, hit –2.7 C. I don’t know if I really got out from the summer holidays yet, I don’t like this at all, I can’t do my work.

Why is everyone getting dSLR? I want the replacement for 50D. I am disappointed by 400D. 8FPS, Auto ISO, balanced body, low light performance, fast and accurate AF. What more can I ask for?

Quelle surprise

What should my reaction be when I know I have 2 tests and 1 assignment coming up next week, and I realised it today. I knew it is downhill straight after Easter.


Where are you??

Aren't there times that you close your eyes and make problems go away?


I’m not happy with how I am dealing with my studies right now, I need a break through.


They said a picture speaks a thousand words

And I thought it did no justice...

There it was

Thank you.


I do nothing

A part of my brain is missing, which is why I can’t study.

Gonna sleep real soon, goodnight Melbourne.


Not speak a word. For they are like wind,

you can neither touch nor see it;

but you can feel it.

C’est magnifique

At the meantime, keep breathing.



Do not disturb

I am that close to finishing it…


Two wishes

I wonder how big he is now.

I want to see if she is behaving like her old self.

PS: Old photos aren’t as terrible as I thought!



Things happen so fast I can’t possibly handle them.

And, forgiveness?


A weakling

Where are you?

We are hiding!

I can't show up as myself.

Pure in heart

Do I take a step forward?


If you stare into abyss long enough, the abyss stares back at you.

Dreams can be shattering at times, and this is what I have learnt today.


Ignis Fatuus

At an solemn moment unbeknownst to you, I no longer know what is real.

I need a revelation.

We are victorious

Overpowers the sum of all its part.

Somebody get the praise on

Jump! Jump!



(For those who lack imagination, please stand further from screen and you’d see the picture showing something like a fraction of planet – the Earth)

A part of me is telling me not to look back, not to return.

I really think World Vision is the way to go… I can’t imagine hunger on such a basis, when I’m 2 hours late for lunch I feel like dying, I think it is a real ordeal. The moment I know 10 dollars are going to them, 10 dollars suddenly became so much more, a deed so unforgettable. 2009 is a big turning point for me, it have been so intensive so much happened and best is yet to come:)


Easter camp

As cliche as it might sound, thnks fr th mmrs



And you don’t go on expecting everyone to wait on you, people have their life to go on.



I really didn’t know this phrase meant two different things…

Whatever you say…



Paranoia makes me see what is not there, not see what is there. Now, what is real and what is not?

Weariness came one too many times, it all seemed an endless runaway. Should I take it all myself or let you help me up?

Now I know, the time you should stop thinking is when it leads you nowhere.



How can people NOT love chowchows???

Remind me how screwed up the weather is going to be like for next few days.