I have my camera back… Not just the camera, it is back with the old piece of dust… I guess Canon forced me to going into the office doing uncivilised hooha.

I went Johor Specialist to visit granny… kind of coincidence because it was my birthplace, say 20 years ago I was ushered out from the same entrance!

Quite a simple day, movie at Terbrau – Red Cliff. Not exactly the best piece you could get from the box office. Maybe it was just me, knowing what the story is akin to having watched the whole movie before… It just sucked when people around get so awed by the strategies, it is written in the damn book!

Dinner at Roost was good but sadly the pictures are not with me yet. And actually it was my birthday, seems that posting about a coming birthday would be too attention seeking, but it turned out many did greet! Thank you all, no matter facebook told you or otherwise! And really, it is just a matter of how people sort life out…

Thank you Dong yang, Yao, SH, Sharon, EF and Janice for coming out! Was a great birthday, much appreciated.




Not exactly the best day. I realised I am terribly fickle minded and for lunch take-away I had to go around Pontian and end up going to the place opposite my house. This is something I need to tackle… Doubt I’d go anywhere with that!

According to facebook, I have 237 friends, I think I do not have so many friends. There is nothing about CNY for my case, except the surplus cash made me want to buy on every whim. Converting them to AUD would be distasteful.

Still, my accommodation still has no avail. On a slightly happier note, many people are going Melbourne!

And yes, I do not have my camera with me, I sent it for cleaning, please come back!


Windows Live Mail

This is pretty random, whilst installing Live Messenger I came across this software and decided to give it a try… Which I later regretted!

I thought I could manage my Gmail and Hotmail account simultaneously. It ended up being sluggish and it is not even live, when you get a new mail, NO pop up notifications or any of that sort.

I fiddled around for few hours and uninstalled it,not that all Live products suck,  I’m using Live Writer by the way…


Gmail post

And you went back. I’d fly in 2 weeks and won’t know when I am coming back, it is too much for me to face back here. The next rendezvous, is dateless.

A lot happened lately, they are so mixed up and next thing I know, my life in a huge mess. Yet you never left, always there for me to talk to. Thank you.

Having so much in common is what made everything different. I’m sorry that is only 60, but since there is no wp. We are even. We did not meet often but it is ok. Many conversations have surprised me, things didn’t end up as badly. Please come soon, I miss you.


And this is not Gmail.


What the future holds

No, I don’t know. Really.


It is Chinese New Year soon and I cannot find a reason to be happy… I just pray that my life won’t be a mess like now. Would Melbourne be my answer?

It was me who broke your stained glass windows.


Truth unfolds as life unravels.


I still think it would not take place. I am glad for what I have, even for the most fleeting moment.


I ran towards the flame

And no, nobody deserved anything since day one, if you want respect you have to earn it yourself. If I live like everyone else and head for whatever they think means the most, when I realise I am wrong, I would have nothing. Nothing.


You are blinded by facts

So we had an impromtu G6 reunion, invitations were sent via facebook. So here we are, everyone from G6! Except Daniel, Diana, Jeffrey, Giri, Nicholas, Niba, Sand Ming, Joyce, Ser Ying, Yee Leng, Whye Chung, Chia Pei, Wen Fei, Sook Yen, Adeline, Nelson, Vincent, Serena, Johan, Shi Jane and Juliana.

That made a G6 reunion into a group of 6 reunion... And that leaves...
Yee Yeng and SaraWei Xiong with Nikkor f1.4 50mm attached to his D90. And yeah, many pics are with him, stalk him on his blog, visit HAHA
Nagen who looks like Mohinder.

EDIT: I still am looking for a non-racist reason about why Nagen could look underexposed while others remain overexposed in the same picture.
Chandni Chow to China! It is a great movie, fusion between two biggest population of the world! This is prolly the first time ever watching movies with Singhs and Indians all over the place:) I especially favoured the chinese translation. Meow
That was us before movie... All excited but you know what happens when the movie actually lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes... Despite the fact of being cheap Asians (yes, India is part of Asia according to Russel Peters), we found the movie really unacceptable but after all nothing can be bad when you are with the right people!
Chilis for dinner right after! Where people got blinded by my flashgun...
Wei Xiong said we did a lot of racial abuse on Nagen which was really acceptable for me. I think he is playing his favourite taxi game right now.
We picked this place with kickass lighting.
Pic of the day!
This is the part when we took pictures and video of Nagen and passerbys thought Nagen is a big shot or something.
OK! The monkey see monkey do experiment was catastrophic! Even though one guy actually asked his son to line up with us.
Quelle surprise! I actually had a birthday surprise for lunar birthday! Thank you!
Till then my friends! Probably we'd get together another time before I fly!


The rainbow is the sign of that solemn promise

As many would have known, I do not excessively do post-processing on pictures, guess what? I found a second rainbow after adjusting the colours. Many have missed that!

Not everything is as it seems.I am going to Klang Valley tommorow! Despite all the hiccups I had for my accomodation and Visa(highlight, after it had been issued!), I am still trying hard to get them in place.

Going overseas is really a brave thing to do, getting things like this done is harder than completing my degree.


Fact of the day! Did you know when everyone in the car does not wear their seat belt, the fine would be discounted to a mere 700 ringgit?

Messages went through the wire, I just hope that I get a timely reply...


When stars fall from the sky

I looked at the odds, which I stumbled upon. And I knew how bad they are did not matter.


Nathan was the black president

The republic of Singapore, so within little time I decided to transit to Singapore and meet up...
Sara(with free brochures from random hotels). It was easier than I thought and traffic was amazingly clear. Met up in Orchard MRT and when I know my roaming service isn't functioning when I am through custom is just perfect!
Lunch, and yeah, been a while since I last had fast food, it was better than what I usually get.
Virgin Mary or Pink Guava, I have forgotten.
Come to think of it, this is one of the very accessible cosmopolitan in geographic terms, everything are pretty much on the higher end. Cannot forget the Maserati in red leather, hah!
Going about was mostly by MRT and on foot, I really did not know how walkable is Singapore until this! And yeah, this is Clarke Quay.

New year deco, mice giving cow a short induction. Hmm
Channel 8, prolly talking about counterfeit notes, I don't know.
Chinatown, this is where I feel so much more superior because I can read chinese.
I really think pirated copies do exist in Singapore, just that they are much less rampant compared to JB. If we buy original copies, they are gonna be artists overseas... our money would just go overseas if we support original.

This was the Buddha's tooth temple which was really majestic. Which means....
Sara has to go in with a borrowed Sarong, lol, kinda fashion statement?
If this rings a bell..

Too bad we were there sorta late and they were about to shoo us off and close.

And busy busy busy here goes the Singaporean life, I'd not want to stay here I am pretty sure, even the people want to walk fast all the time, we had to jog from time to time to stop being honked beyond the valley of mortality and tad close to losing life.
Still, for people who are well above the average income level, they have many interesting places within their reach, which I wouldn't be in next ten years.
And this is La Salle, which took my breath away and I was later told that it was the building of the year, and it was rightfully given.
See! College is more relaxing here, people don't want to go home.
Till then :) I'm already excited, Melbourne!