Please don’t bash up indians in Melbourne anymore

Indians ask for justice today, marching down from Parliament.



Just too lazy

You can actually update your blog 5 times a day.

How’s your walk with him

Menghapuskan Jejakmu

Too bored out.

Tilting head 30 degrees away won’t help reading this photo better.


Maybe it’s time to say goodbye, I need new sneakers.


Being positioned at an unfamiliar place, after all the whining you’d look back in awe, how things improved in the new place. You just need to have a little bit of faith in him sometimes.

Life isn’t exactly bad, I’m free to roam around :)

If you haven’t noticed, I’m on facebook fast until 25th, partly for exam. Do expect a lot of blogging in this month.



An impromptu trip.

Tonnes of 30” crappy photos.


Stay with me

Light is my paint and camera is my canvas.

I paint everywhere I go, and nothing can stop me.



It is funny how things go uncertain for so long.


Sporadic week

Sometimes I envy people who are so sure of what they want to do in the future, and have NO dilemma in whatever they do.

I don’t know what is coming up tomorrow, I know it is not the end of the world but there is a message, open to interpretation. Nothing in my life really went on well, except photography. In a year without a mentor, with minimal gears, having so little exposure, I surprise myself by how far I leave myself behind every time shutter fires.

So, what’s for tomorrow god?


Portraiture duo

Judith and I wanted to expand our portfolios and we decided to have this shooting. Models are courtesy of Judith! Chris and Brita, they are both fantastic models. Forgot to mention, make up is done by Judith! I'm really glad I got this opportunity and once again I'd like to thank them for everything!

Update: The shoots weren't that good, the sun was too harsh even with flash and reflector it didn't help killing the shadow. A couple of things was out of expectation too. I guess everything ended well because all I needed was 20-40 for portfolio. Sorry if the pics didn't meet you guys expectation but there are a lot of things I needed to take into consideration in this shooting (like how I didn't expect the skintone of models to be different which gave me a headache! )...



A thing I learnt today is, we must lose some before we win some. A day full of ups and downs, it have been unpredictable since then.


Sneak peek

I know they aren’t top-notch because it is my first time working with Caucasian models.


Narcissistic? Maybe…

but guess what is for tomorrow? :)


Maybe it is just me, but two identical pictures looked at the same time, just seemed so different, albeit knowing there isn’t a difference. perhaps it is like how we always think stuff are going to be different but they really are not.


It corrupts people inside out

I might see nothing more than a tree if it were to be coloured, without colour I see the life of the tree, as vigorous as the tidal waves.

Until then my friends, I’ve got 3 more questions AND another 1000-2000 assignment to do, may lord have mercy on me.

OH WAIT, look at this

Berwick students only

Due to industrial action, there will not be any lecture and tutorials tomorrow 21/05/09. You may attend any tut on Friday between 12-4 pm.

Have a light?

Autumn leaves

Been high above, rustling high above;
Autumn strikes and they fall onto the ground,
and be trampled over.


Planet Earth

This is a day so lonely.


Why did I take the shot? Where was I? Why the ferocity?



This is my shot a year ago… Within 6 months I snapped 10 thousand shots, some went into recycle bin, some didn’t even make it to my computer… My composition did not change much, having it ever so slightly off center, creating an ambiguity.


Being alone

Thinking of… stupid games we used to play.

I want it back

I just felt lost, it is just not anything that I know of. Looking at how people fiddle with their iPods, see how their hand gestures change, how people just stare into blankness.

Doesn't fit in

At times I feel out of pace. Out of place.



This is my very first attempt to do low-light photography, which I suck at! I also had some hands on experience on studio shooting, all thanks to MPC!

This isn’t a good photo but there’s just so much love in them…

Everyone liked my self-made softbox diffuser and it worked like a charm! MPC guys are awesome!