Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

- William Butler Yeats

Lingam merchandise

Instead of Malaysia boleh... We try to be as humble as him (:
Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Dell.

This email is to confirm that your payment has been authorised and your order is now being processed for manufacture.

The details of your order are as follows:

Dell Customer Code Dell Online Reference Number Dell Order(s) Number Total Amount(incl GST) Estimated Delivery Date
XXX XXXXXX XXXXX 3083.00 11 FEB 2008

This is what I got, after submitting my order on January 24th. At first they said it take 5-7 working days in order to get it to my place. End up... it takes more than 15 days? I guess it is ok, since XPS order takes 6 weeks. Still waiting...

Good specs at reasonable price though! Cheers


And I realised

1.00am 24th January 20008. I realized nine out of ten things I have done in my life are failures. Today on, I have to work ten times harder to make it up.



Why are we swearing about high inflation rate in Malaysia? Zimbabwe had their newly introduced 10 Million Zimbabwe dollar note. And the special thing about it is it does not even buy a burger. At official exchange rate, it fetches u 330USD, yet on black market, it is juts 3.30USD. A hamburger costs 15million Zimbabwe dollars now. Now the country has 750,000 Zimbabwe dollars on 1 note. Zimbabwe official inflation recorded being 25,000 per cent, where private institutions report 150,000 per cent of inflation rate. The leader Robert Mugabe denies it's mismanaging of economy.

Be happy that our flour, sugar and petrol are rising in only less than a ringgit. Inflation is something we should fight with, not complain, it is not going to help!


The Government or the people

A persisting myth how could people be blaming the government for everything, or even the race. I do not think a chinese Prime Minister would do a good job, as I guess, he is just going to be smarter and more uncontrollably corrupt. Chinese did introduce corruption to this land.

I mean, giving 50 bucks for a traffic ticket, that is also, corruption, do not think it is a small thing, instead of letting government have 300, the offender actually just make 50 bucks go to the traffic police, considering how often it is happening in Malaysia and how often they have it solved under the table. Now whose fault it is? If there were no under-table-negotiations, corruption might not even start.

Yes, people say they run away from taxes, so the government cannot abuse as much but it is just going to make things worse. In the end, they are just a bunch of people hoping others to do them good and sit on asses waiting for welfare, fairness and political cleanliness. Government could be inefficient and all, they just could be. However, I do not think election is carried out for no reasons. Liberal system of Democracy had given we all a chance, to give those who are able to rule the country, not for us to vote for whoever won the last time. We had a choice, do not blame government, it is the voter's fault. I do think we should support rally and protest though, it is how we get our voices heard.

I think people are just too selfish to give up for a very trifle benefit for their own, for great good of people. It is harder than prisoner's dilemma, there is no "tit for tat". It is not a game. Humanity's end would just happen, for people do not know what is best for them. Perhaps communism arose because of that, even though it was carried out at an extreme that the people are STILL caring for their own good and reluctant to work hard.

Maybe, this is the equilibrium, not at the real balance but it just balances itself out, when people don't cooperate, nation would fall.


Proton BLM: New Saga??

This is the new Proton Saga which just opened for bookings. Pricing between 31.5k to 39.5k. Comes with airbags finally! It's like, how often do you see airbags in Proton?? Several studies had proven they work only in labs but not in real life though.

It comes with a pathetic spec of 155km/h top speed. Come on, 11 years old Iswara had gone 160 recently. With the specs, I have a bad feeling that it is not going to be fuel efficient. After our "erection", petrol prices would make us all park our Proton inside our house and wait for RapidKL at nearest bus stop. (They raised their bus fare too by the way)

I do not have faith in this new launch, who knows it is going to be like Savvy, currently pricing as low as 33.5k and most probably because of the faulty gearbox that most cars had sent for repair in a few months.

Had tried on a few Proton and compared to other cars, of course considering the condition in Malayisa. Protong is definitely not a thing you want to rely on when you drive frequently, be it expressway or suburbs. Without ABS and EBD like Japanese made cars, they just are going to suck so much.

If petrol price were to go higher by 40 to 70 cents, I would be happy because I do not get affected much and I see less cars on road! Finally a right thing done!

Indeed, very special.

My Deepest Condolences

Feel sorry for Dr. Chua, proving it again Ministry of Health is synonymously Ministry of Hell, whoever gets into the department gets into trouble. Knowing this is an old story, and again police are trying to find out who possess and distribute the videos instead of nabbing the one who recorded the whole fornication. It is accessible on internet though, easily accessible unless Youtube is the only place you search.

It is even on Wikipedia... Wondering if Ong Kah Teng has one
Chua Soi Lek

It is shameful for chinese, when chinese are already holding little power in Malaysian politics. Thanks so much Dr. Chua. Plus being sarcastic when replying to the media, thinking an apology can keep it's position in a country like this.

Let's roll

It is a new day for this blog, the personal blog killed on the same day. Blog name is set in such a way to give a very vague idea on what will be written on this blog. For 50th years of independence, cheers.