You're engrish is bads

Yeses, me is too think you're engrish is no pro. Pwease gu hum.

40 looking like 25... Maybe she is Winnie Loo's sister?


Bad day

I'm supposed to be holding my 400D by now, yet I'm with nothing in my hands, just scarred by weariness of driving for four hours (only 40 kilometers) in KL! It all started so badly, Alexia had to pass up assignment but she could not promise me she could do it on time and I have to go down alone. It took me an hour to locate the old Pudu Plaza, it was so well secluded that I do not think many people knows about the place... I was expecting a good price from them but instead, YL gave me RM2130, 400D kitlens+2gigabyte CF+KEEP filter... They claimed it to be very cheap, which I do not agree with... And I moved on to Bo eing, the deal is worse than that, so I went back in a slow moving traffic from KL to Sunway, for my next class:<

Life, is overrated.


Monash Carnival 2008!

It was a blast!

Shaolin soccer performance by Liu.

Picture by ytpotc from LYN, flickr

Thank god I did not go (:


I can't believe, within 24 hours, you will be mine.

It's so near...

I hope 400D will bring colours to this blog, and of course, my life!


This coming monday

I'm going to the old Pudu Plaza, for YL camera shop... If anyone happens to ask why YL camera shop, I hope Desmond from ShutterAsia.com helps explaining. Thanks for leading me there, Alexia!

This is what happens when girlfriend meets my friend

Nobody bothers me much.



Why do my dreams look so real? I seem to remember faces and people... Even though who I don't know... I even asked about a place I wanted to go...
PS: I don't usually dream, at least for the past 18 years I sleep without dreaming with correct sleeping posture

Being thin, being pretty?

DISCLAIMER: Keep your middle finger on F4 key and your thumb on Alt key. Video is extremely gruesome that I barely finished it

A waifish figure girls yearn for?

I think the time for the false perception is over. Skinny does not necessarily mean good figure or beauty, it is an illness....

I mean, doesn't this remind you of General Grievous from Star Wars??









Wait wait wait wait!

1st of May let Carrefour be empty?? And KFC?? Cannot they grow up? Those private companies are innocent!


Thank you all my friends and my both parents!


Please be advised that our record shows that you are not currently studying and you have completed Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Kind Regards

Student Information Team

International Recruitment Services
Monash University

I think i should even request for another copy of my "degree", from their system and record, I have graduated!


Should have been there (:


In few day's time, I will change my blog address
My Apologies...


Japanese lesson

T|W [Baby] Ku Klux Klan says:
shashinki doesn mean camera meh
Febru@riuS フイリん---ridiculous. fainted in the clz = = says:
T|W [Baby] Ku Klux Klan says:
Febru@riuS フイリん---ridiculous. fainted in the clz = = says:
camera is ka-meh-ra
Febru@riuS フイリん---ridiculous. fainted in the clz = = says:

Happy day!

"Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.

Kind Regards

Student Information Team

International Recruitment Services
Monash University"

When only will people here understand how much can those little words do to make someone happy(: I'm looking forward to Melbourne! I think all it came from the very very evil Blog, which made Melbourne look so pretty!


Gloomy day

It's raining outside, like it had been all the while, every single day in the past 2 weeks have been rainy. It makes me feel like succumbing to my bed comfortably sitting 2 meters away... I wish my chair could entangle me onto it, so I could concentrate on my Subprime issue assignment, which I have to pass up tomorrow, I don't even think I could sleep before 4am. Forecast : BAD!

PS: For your information, subprime is the stupidest thing ever in the world where the decision makers are paid so well yet making such stupid mistake, relying all on models! Wish they had not make that mistake so I could be a little more relaxed...

Another blue sky holiday. Sitting down by the lakeside crunching an apple away, indulging in bird's sweetest singing. I have many dreams. I don't anymore foolishly think a Lamborghini will do me any good. I don't fancy another night life. I don't want Hermes or D&G. I want something... more primitive.

I want a car that I can lean on top and fall asleep whenever I want to. I want a simple laptop I could lug around so that I could share with people wherever and whenever I want. I want to drive around in places I don't know and just stop by wherever I feel like. I don't even want a Cellphone (: A camera so that I can freeze moments I wish to retain... Perhaps, someone to share with...

It is me, once again drifting away into my dream...

Life is a bitch because if it were a slut, it would have been easy

"Monash ah, is like that one!"

"You follow the criteria we have given to you, you can pass, if you put in more journals and sources, you might get a credit"

"...But, don't ever dream on Distinction, we are research University, if you don't like it, go to Victoria U."

Most discouraging statement from lecturer ever, this is what happens when you take the so called "Introductory unit" to finance. I just hope it gets better after this semester. Have not been really able to rest, not to say hanging out like I always do in the past.

I hate people from ex-G6-mates! Some of you are just too hardworking and doing too well, makes me feel i should not whine anymore... G6 people are fantastic...Damn!


Huh? Intruder?

Canon calls this camera 400D or Digital Rebel XTi (cut it, it sounds so childish!). As soon as I realised how expensive it is to change lens and yet I might be cutting short my first dSLR's career by limiting it to more expensive lenses, I found this 300 ringgit more to get this all-around camera, to be a real deal. Imagine when lens can easily cost you 700, I think it is the right choice, and as always, the pricier choice.


Administration of mediocrity

Awesome architecture... but not my faculty anyway!

I like MONASH, I like them being in go8 and all. One thing i cannot agree on is their speed of administration. Very infamously known amongst MONASH students through grapevine.

Just for a transfer to Melbourne campus, I was told that because of their turtle-speed marking speed could not really make it in time before I get approval and they disallow late comers from registering, which might not be true, they give a lot of bogus information anyway. Their requirements for entrance and transfer are utter bullocks.

Still, I like Melbourne so much! I still have to try, risking my money for air ticket, preparing to drive 3 hours down to Sunway just to pick up the offer pack. Accommodation might be a problem but not yet one, approval for my late registration is literally gone, I do not know where had they been. Plus, we have an international admission helpline, that had been redirecting me to a voice mail that is seldom attended to.

I cannot see it by my own eyes anymore!


First contribution!

My ex-housemate, Davin found my picture on MSN funny, and posted it on his sup-blog, all the way from Toronto!

Click Here

Call me heretic, call me holocaust

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This video I have goten from Mininova, a widely known BitTorrent source, explains the underlying reasons for the myth of global warming to be so widely spread today.

Anti-capitalism, anti-development in third world countries, political-driven researches, temptation of exaggerating researches for fundings, boycotting the United states and etcetera.

Comprehensive, straight to the point, informative and last but not least, supported by data and reliable interviewees. To not be fooled by environmental-friendly campaigns, all should watch this and notice it brings inhumane consequences to third world countries like Africa.


When people thought im crazy after telling them I want a 0.5kg dSLR

After beginning a thread in Lowyat.net forum, as people tried to help out, as they started their one-sided statement/arguement on their favourite brand of camera, conflicts submerged [aka flaming].

I actually feel sorry for the menace I had brought to this peaceful forum, mistake was posting up a topic comparing 3 most popular dSLR producer at the moment. I did not get flamed as I was merely asking for information and suggestion, for those who defended their brand like desperado and sacrificed their finger skin fiber, I'm here to apologise. Sorry to LYN photographers!

One fantastic thing about the LYNers is that, they are so into serious photography that nobody mentioned the trouble lugging an 0.5kg fragile gadget around! Bravo~

a200 - The Orange Legion

D40 - Beginning of everything
Anyway, the choices are narrowed down to only 2. Sony alpha a200 and Nikon D40. I shall spare everyone from technical glitches. To cut short, a200 is too new and D40 is too old. New means a200 have everything users need and really a value for money product, being new had the downside of not having enough compatible lenses to certain extent (which is not as bad as people thought, still). D40 had certain technical problems but takes pictures as good as a200! It had been on market for very long, their production is more trustworthy and will go on for a long time.

Sony alpha a200 would be my choice in the end, it would not even make much difference if I were to take D40, not much differences though! The price is just 100 ringgit apart, what can 100 ringgit now do? Duh... Now it is just the timing of when should I purchase it!



This blog is still not being updated, Uni is taking out most of my time, I don't even have much time for MSN. Also, every major changes will have to subject to the date my dSLR arrives. I might even have personal blog restarted. Please be patient. If there is anyone reading it:>


82 words




This blog seems to be rarely updated, in fact this is just beta. Not really commenced yet, be patient, more will be done after my dSLR, or even changing from blogspot. Thanks


What if

I am psychopathic?