Can I say

I could be a real jerk at times, or maybe I just can't stop being one.



Lest face it, I'm not good at writing, people don't usually understand my way of comprehending. Guess it is better to let pictures do the talking.

And, I'm still being melancholy low about leaving Klang Valley, not that I have plenty to reminisce, I still hate drivers there truck loads. I'm gonna miss the people, low table rates, teh tarik and nasi lemak, getting a little too much! i underrated the place and it's a fact.
I have a lot of stuff I should have done. Roaming around Bangsar at night, night view at Hulu Langat, MOS at least once, take a picture of KLCC (damn) and so many more.
Am I going to complete all those in a month's time?? I have exams coming really soon. Not to forget, a lot of people who I should have met up...
As much as you all have guessed, these are pictures from Malacca I visited last friday. Oh! We bumped into Jeff on the day he was supposed to fly, unscheduled and unanticipated! Plus it was in Malacca, coincidences like these are hard to come by I guess. Birmingham:)
Till then, my friends.



I still remember how mum used to tell me "If you misbehave, I will have Malay to kidnap you away!". That was exactly the point in Malaysia... Having so many people caught and detained, for crime they did not commit, I don't want my turn to come :S Be it Britain or Aussie, I want to leave.

A part of me misses Subang though... I don't want to end my time in good pool place like Rack. I still get snooker and photography in Pontian I guess...

P/S: I closed my Macroeconomics textbook after reading for a few pages, I cannot understand something that makes no sense.


An earnest apology to you. It never failed to amuse me how could the fundamental affection bring to big fights. I cannot reciprocate well when it comes to it. Lest hope a better mutual understanding would lead our way. Love you.


Indignant at it

You do everything to make people feel like crap!


To play, as if it means nothing, yet it meant everything

Steve Davis.

Again I am happy at where I am, again we went hill hill and I lost, but we agreed on another game which I won 3-0. Guess I have never played this well... I am happy, perfect.

P/S: The post is kept to minimum length to make sure I don't lose any readers which is already very little!


It is the day

Mei Mei's birthday bash celebration at Marco's Pizza :) where she slammed me being too disgusting as I ate too much.

Last night everybody was hyper because finaly assignments came to an end! Especially for me, there is no more assignments until next semester ;)

And last night I visited the Pool Hall nearby. I'd say I'm quite happy with where I am now... It is surprising how all sports have similar emphasis.

Oh wait, I seem to have forgotten my three tutorials today. Guess what? It's Malacca tonight!
Satay Celup!!!!


AASB116 - rants

ww- can't focus > just kill me > nowconsolidationbreakevenunitcostproductcostsac2harvardmodelmanufacturingoverheadAASB116softhrmhardhrm arggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
chinhao- motha-fuckin assignment
ying- my brain can function nomore > can anwar burn all books, shut down schools like shi huang ti?
maggie- my brain cant function anymore too > everyone is dying from assignments > 1000 words, 100 words pun tak sampai. i dont know how to doooooooo la.

me??- si beh lan duo > AFW2491, I wanna strangle you to death, if it weren't intangibility

What are you doing?
Listening to pork and beans, doing things I should not be doing, thinking about why did i feel it, thinking about what I have dreamt about... Preparing for celebration as it would be my LAST assignment for the year, next assignment is no earlier than March... Why do I feel it takes forever to end?

I don't care I don't care I don't care!

4 billion is not much

Just an old news I thought many of us did not know... We are running out of IP addresses by 2010 or so. Not the .com .net addresses but yeah, the set of numbers segregated by four fullstops... Read more


Leaving it behind

"Can I move out on November 15th?"
"Thank you"

Dang! Time flies... Not talking about when I procrastinate but I stayed in this crappy place for over a year! By crappy i meant incomprehensible and even a picture of it couldn't express it well enough.

It's a cheap singleroom, there's internet and carpark. Not gonna miss here though!


Benjamin & Xiao Xiao

Dedicated to Benjamin, Xiao Xiao and J

What's worse than blurring vision?

Those words

You took away my life.
You took my life that I placed in your hands to help me carry it safely to the grave.
And you leave it on every bed side table you could find.
Whatever you pursue, whatever it was you were pursuing was nauseous.
I hope it was your obliteration of yourself.
because that is what you achieved.

- Dirty Sexy Money, Tripp Darling


When damage is already done, I could be TRULY sorry

I have a mid-sem test and major assignment this friday to pass up... Guess its a long week, as many of you may have guessed, I'm having slight insomnia.

Worse thing next to death could be realising that death is already half way through, just like my Macroeconomics which is already 13/20 by now... Real sad stuff!

And I hate the student association from my Uni, bunch of fame-whores, douchebags. Actually fame-whore is the only reason why they stepped up... when Monash students are rather busy, they managed to sacrifice their time(which they disappear after election)! Little did they know the disruption they brought into classes especially those nearer to cafeteria :S They missed out that point, what are they going to do for students? Set up MORE booths and sing MORE?

Anybody knows how to manage paranoia? The repurcussions are way larger than I have imagined. It seems to be keeping me on a melancholy low, making me worrying about pointless stuff, continuously thinking and never stopping and MORE! Is it hormonal?

MSN is down... Is that why I can't fall asleep? Gmail is up :)

PS: I have coined two terms!
1. Being at people's beck and call devoid of ostensible relationship - Paying for installment.
2. Coupling with famous playboy (possibly whining afterwards) - Crossing roads during red light.


Why do I?

Tentatively speaking: MalaysiaToday.com is now sooo entertaining people have claimed to have successfully withdrawn from addiction to dramas!
I'm brought up in a house with no altars, no quotes from bible, I do not remember anyone praying, we are all Atheists except that we burn incense paper...

I've been curious about sciences since young, how stuff works, how could a paperboard hold a cup of water, why do we not have tail like moneys, yada yada... All they have ever told, have no mention about god.

My mum have seen a lot of Christians that are terrible, obviously that was disseminated within the family. Not to generalise but they do exist in where I lived.

All the while I only know my parents brought me up, it is kinda weird to know that your ancestor is actually a Caucasion like Adam? Dang, it feels like realising that I am an adopted child...

Currently listening to... Eve - Ladies. Yeah, it is an old song.


Catch up

Uni have really kept me busy these days, at least for my capability to manage time. Guess it is going to stay until I complete my finals?
I want to see the blue sky once again. Take care everyone!

I want to have more time for photog... I have taken too little pictures:S


Question of the day

I wonder... How could people are Open-minded blame on people who are not. That is just a broad tolerance range not accepting a narrow tolerance range... So open-minded people shouldn't accuse others of their conservative values, else it is just self-contradictory?

So I read the headlines

Abdullah said "Anwar has become a tool of DAP". Tell me why does it have an uncanny resemblance between the conversation in Star Wars?