Being normal, could actually be a blessing...

The path, is ahead. And it leads to there, not that of I know..



Other than Thailand, it was KL and Singapore!
Despite being geographical factors, it is tedious to commute or drive to heart of the city Bukit Bintang, that always put me away. Now I get a chance to have a look at this city.Lecka Lecka in middle eastern decos!
Food in KL was not exactly the best which is somewhat disappointing.
Back in Singapore, my uncle got a room in Sentosa... I really liked the pool.
I really should have came during night time, it would have been mesmerising.Now I know some hotels have a garden for peacocks and peahens.We were not fascinated by Sentosa, it is really nothing much and the construction for their integrated resort is a huge turn-off.

Of course and I had a little!
On a random note, I don't like the Singaporean kid who seem so stucked with games and are not well mannered.
It's ok...


Black sheep wall (80++ pictures, finally)

I cannot believe that my Chiangmai trip took place more than a month ago! It really seemed to me that it happened yesterday, so I am not really posting this up late.... Or am I?
OK! I went Chiangmai with my grand uncle on 17th Nov, it was supposed to be an assignment as a co-driver to drive his camry down to Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately the plan was prematurely terminated, he decided to show me Chiangmai and his place.

Indeed, his place was quite a sight, I really liked there. The various types of birds never failed to kick start my day! Especially I liked the front garden.
I would have said I came at the correct time of the year. My trip conincided with Loykrathong festival! It is also known as floating lantern festival, as the name suggests. And yes, the sky is lit as though there were thousands of stars in the sky, a sight to behold, brilliant!
It was considered as a New Year for people in Thailand. I did came at the correct time of the year but perhaps not the correct year. Due to economy slowdown/downturn, the lanterns were much lesser compared to last year, they told me it was as though the whole sky was lit by lanterns!Monks are really affluent down Thailand, considering how religious and devoted the people are. I lost my pictures taken at Doi Suthep, a temple on top of mountain...
One big problem with travelling to Thailand is that they do not speak English. You go into a restraunt, see a waiter/waitress who can't speak english, he/she gets you another person but it is just the same fluency as the last person... It is so frustrating sometimes. Filtering the whole sentence and extract they key words, simplify them to the easier form, that is what we can do...

Loykrathong is a 3 day-celebration, first day it is largely about floating lanterns, second day is parade! third day is about beauty contest. Thais do love their kings to great extent, I'd guess it is their 5th king in history who is the king who let Japanese catch Tanah Melayu unwary at his time,&*@#^(!*@$. Who can tell who in the picture are male or female:P
This girl was the youngest at the parade! I can see her bright future:)
I remember vaguely, the candles are for blessing:P
Even showed the picture(on top of the door) in McDonald's! While our Agong is nothing ceremonious but his birthday is a public holiday!

It is really worthwhile to travel around I guess.. Seeing different sorts of people and learning their culture, sadly not their politics:P

As I mentioned earlier I took a bus down from Chiangmai to Bangkok, daring enough to try a 9 hour bus journey! We changed our plans too... The VIP bus was actually SLOWER than normal coaches, culture shock indeed... Good thing is we made it in time, that is what matters.

And when you come to Chiangmai expect to see a lot lot lot lot lot of monks, I always have the impression that they are filthy rich.
This bike made me drool, even though I still prefer the Yamaha! See the plate? No?Tourism is important to Thailand, of course we see caucasians a lot but...
Having a caucasian to tend a pirated DVD stall is flabbergasting, I should have asked for a photo?
This is their taxi and it still looked a lot like a fire engine to me even till the very end of my visit.
That is how we roll! I was expecting them to abuse their market power like Taxi drivers in Malaysia but they follow their fixed rates, without any bias. The people here are amazingly kind, too bad I cannot appreciate all due to my lack in proficiency.

Sadly, there are more places I have yet to explore, I wish the next time I be there I would be on my own. With all due respect, going around with elders aren't exciting at all.
This is my granduncle's daughter! She is really bright and reminds me of my sister.

I'd say kids in Chiangmai are happy without techno-savvy gadgets like whatever Singaporean kids without manners would ask from parents. Trust me, they are really happy.

There are a few exceptions though.. Even though it is rather apparent that they were manipulated by a greater power..

Everyone within the photos have not signed any release paper but I don't think I will get involved into any lawsuits here,hahaha!I think I really needed this trip considering how little and infrequent I travel, I admit I am not good with changes.I do believe there are more that I have not seen in Chiangmai:)
Taxi ride to Suvarnabhumi!

I still love airport:) Cheerio

It is a sad day for me, I don't love Monash. You know what happened...