What are you waiting for? Chinese new year?

Chinese new year had lost it's meaning in Malaysia over years. It used to be a proud festival for chinese for us keeping our tradition. Red packet had many wide spread origin, some said it was soldiers at war wrapped their own coins in red paper for blessing. In China, children who have started working will give red packets to their parents.

Somehow in Malaysia, we talk to strangers when it is chinese new year, usually at the roadside arguing who should pay for the repair from accident. It is an everlasting myth that why can't people hold up their raging hormones and just drive more carefully, for sake of a smooth-going new year? No? I think we really are one of the rudest country, when was the last time you talked to a stranger? Not even a good morning? 2 words that might make many people's day.

Fireworks and firecrackers are no longer legal, there goes our tradition, just because some malay kids have screwed up themselves and other people, they should instead ban anyone other than chinese playing with it! It would be reasonable because CHINESE invented explosives!

Visiting friend's family doesn't make me excited anymore, just seeing people's parents who I don't know, I'm not hard up for that angpau and I have my own parents, I prefer seeing them more, most of the time I think they look better than other parents. I don't see many relatives for me to visit too, father side relatives will be at father side grandpa house, mother side relatives will be at mother side grandpa house. That's all I have to do.

Gluttony is no longer something thrilling, being conscious of how hazardous those sinful cravings are from those articles on new paper. I would say, enough is enough:) Plus me not being a good-food-fan, I don't think reunion spread is something worth waiting, as the fleeting moment of taste just doesn't worth the trade-off.

Only thing precious about the festival, is time, with family (:

Happy Chinese New Year! And I hope everyone spend more time with family!

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Stanley said...

The ban of fire crakers did effect the festive mood too....Happy CNY to you ;)