I'm unsatisfied by KL drivers!

One obvious norm is that drivers in KL "double-park", it got so common that they invented the term themselves! Yeah yeah, when i share this with people, they always say that maybe they just had no parking and bla bla bla. Hey, I took my time (usually very long) to get my own parking space and I paid for that, now you are parking without a fee and without much effort looking for a parkiing? C'mon, it makes me look like an idiot... More serious cases would be those parking and they just disappear in thin air, making u honking all the time like an uncivilised driver. I was once a victim and end up i had to open his unlocked door and release the handbrake, it was downhill, I shouldn't have pulled the handbrake n just let it roll down n crash into a Starbucks or Coffee Bean outlet so tommorow I will see the car again on the papers. I doubt this is found no where else, not comparing with Australia or what, just that Johor people would not do this, we park on dividers, on pedestrian crossings, on the tree or wherever, we won't double park!

So slowwwwwww they drive on roads, it's a ********* highway, why do u drive so slow, it is ok to drive slow but keep to the left lane. I would not like to follow a car so slowly moving on right lane, it makes me feel like I'm some kind of Prime minister with tax-paid traffic officers making a way for me(Once an officer died when carrying out this duty though). In Johor, those speed are for lorries and trucks, a normal proton in JB should anytime be faster than most cars on KL highway, note that there is only 1 lane for each direction usually, with no dividers too.

I'm not sure if it is because KL drivers get so pampered by better road conditions that they are not good at driving even on roads like LDP. On uphills they brake, fine.... Downhills too?? Entering a corner? And also exiting a corner? NOOOOOO! That was how I drive when examiner sits beside me! Maybe something is wrong with Malaysia's driving test too, it is too easy to pass, ultimately, people who pass might still not being able to drive. They really really love to brake, in most conditions they don't even know that to slow down, u just have to actually let off ur accelerator.

Having engines on, when they are not moving... It is an offence to do so elsewhere, if I'm not mistaken, in Germany they are fined for having engines on more than 5 minutes and not moving. They can just have it on and probably wait for classes to start in the car, or talking to their girlfriends and such. Doing this is really really environment-hazardous, when RPM is lower than 1k, it emits considerably high amount of CO2, should they just turn off the engine and enjoy what is being given free, such as fresh air.

They don't understand that they are not anyone special, they still have to wait because everyone on the road is waiting. Where this is usually because those people never learn how to actually go by a roundabout, they always take the left lane change before they turn, they don't have to actually, by doing so, cars cannot go into roundabout and those at the back have to wait..... That is why there is always traffic jam. You don't cut into an ending lane and try to go back to the lane, everybody is patiently waiting! You should too.

They honk back at you when you honk, this is really really really childish, please go home to your mom. It is not that I want to show that I have a very loud honk, I just want you to be aware that I'm there and you are not following the rules.

Parking lots I always see all cars stucked on one floor, I would think that the mall is so so full at that time but then when I see 457 more parkings upstairs, I so understand that they rather contribute to jam and look for parkings that do not exist atm instead of going another level and conveniently parking their car.

Usually when accidents happen, the cars involved might get so bad that they couldn't move or they refuse to move away from the road, that is why there is traffic jam when there is accident. In KL context, this is a big NO-NO. No matter if they are blocking the road, the cars would slow down just to see what happened. It is more of moral hazard because they think no matter how slow they go, won't affect themselves.

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