Administration of mediocrity

Awesome architecture... but not my faculty anyway!

I like MONASH, I like them being in go8 and all. One thing i cannot agree on is their speed of administration. Very infamously known amongst MONASH students through grapevine.

Just for a transfer to Melbourne campus, I was told that because of their turtle-speed marking speed could not really make it in time before I get approval and they disallow late comers from registering, which might not be true, they give a lot of bogus information anyway. Their requirements for entrance and transfer are utter bullocks.

Still, I like Melbourne so much! I still have to try, risking my money for air ticket, preparing to drive 3 hours down to Sunway just to pick up the offer pack. Accommodation might be a problem but not yet one, approval for my late registration is literally gone, I do not know where had they been. Plus, we have an international admission helpline, that had been redirecting me to a voice mail that is seldom attended to.

I cannot see it by my own eyes anymore!

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