Bad day

I'm supposed to be holding my 400D by now, yet I'm with nothing in my hands, just scarred by weariness of driving for four hours (only 40 kilometers) in KL! It all started so badly, Alexia had to pass up assignment but she could not promise me she could do it on time and I have to go down alone. It took me an hour to locate the old Pudu Plaza, it was so well secluded that I do not think many people knows about the place... I was expecting a good price from them but instead, YL gave me RM2130, 400D kitlens+2gigabyte CF+KEEP filter... They claimed it to be very cheap, which I do not agree with... And I moved on to Bo eing, the deal is worse than that, so I went back in a slow moving traffic from KL to Sunway, for my next class:<

Life, is overrated.

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