When people thought im crazy after telling them I want a 0.5kg dSLR

After beginning a thread in forum, as people tried to help out, as they started their one-sided statement/arguement on their favourite brand of camera, conflicts submerged [aka flaming].

I actually feel sorry for the menace I had brought to this peaceful forum, mistake was posting up a topic comparing 3 most popular dSLR producer at the moment. I did not get flamed as I was merely asking for information and suggestion, for those who defended their brand like desperado and sacrificed their finger skin fiber, I'm here to apologise. Sorry to LYN photographers!

One fantastic thing about the LYNers is that, they are so into serious photography that nobody mentioned the trouble lugging an 0.5kg fragile gadget around! Bravo~

a200 - The Orange Legion

D40 - Beginning of everything
Anyway, the choices are narrowed down to only 2. Sony alpha a200 and Nikon D40. I shall spare everyone from technical glitches. To cut short, a200 is too new and D40 is too old. New means a200 have everything users need and really a value for money product, being new had the downside of not having enough compatible lenses to certain extent (which is not as bad as people thought, still). D40 had certain technical problems but takes pictures as good as a200! It had been on market for very long, their production is more trustworthy and will go on for a long time.

Sony alpha a200 would be my choice in the end, it would not even make much difference if I were to take D40, not much differences though! The price is just 100 ringgit apart, what can 100 ringgit now do? Duh... Now it is just the timing of when should I purchase it!

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