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Monash University
Taking a break from Uni life? Actually it isn't, to me it is an omen of coming of tougher moments...

Here it ends, my head-scratching assignments that rarely give us an credit for effort, no matter how hard you try and how badly you want, they only give you a few marks extra. Thanks to ostensibly "research lecturers". According to them, research university does not give students clues to answering assignments, I only asked for the scope! How could you restrict word count, give 3 lines of description about assignment and just let us die??

[Oh, so true, especially regarding the "Environmental crisis warning from the research paper, flying overseas would be an "once-in-a-lifetime experience"? Lets say 10 years later, would you let me punch you in your face each time when I still get to fly to Melbourne from Singapore airport? Justify the claim by accepting the challenge:)]

PS: Again, Uni life is not a life.

La vie

Now I am in library... Right on the day my last assignment due date. I do not look like myself anymore, I did not hold my cue for 3 months at least, all it does is collecting dust under my bed. Only new thing i get to do is photography (if it is not an overstatement), it takes little time and i find satisfaction by capturing important moments in life, each pictures take 4mb? Soon I need an external hard-drive! And yes, all I do is blogging and other random nothing-better-to-do internet activities... Have not started studying...

Life is tiring at this point of life... Thanks to the one who shook me up when I thought I was the most unlucky person:)

Friendship is overrated at this point, "a friend in need is a friend indeed". I would say it does nothing but rhyming, does not really apply in word today. Some "friends" just want to squeeze every ounce of advantage from you! The earliest version I can find is from Caxton's Sonnes of Aymon, 1489:

"It is sayd, that at the nede the frende is knowen."

People deserve what they have worked so hard for ok?? Unless I get no other options, I would not seek for other people's fruit of labor...

PS: They can go wrong at times too btw!

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