Lark night

Was Dark knight really that good? Everybody liked it... I liked Heath as Joker but I think T-bag was already as good, we cannot deny that his acting was magnified by the fact that he is now dead.

I thought this movie was nothing but a normal hollywood production. Instead of involving vengeance, family ties, sacrifice towards the society, this movie touched wee bit of confusing love and how badly batman wanted to retire?

2-face shouldn't even have came into picture and die 30 minutes afterwards? FYI, there is already a 2-face in one of sequences. The director somehow caught Death note and made this movie a little like it? So many smart ass actions, checking out who actually had relative in hospital and etcetera, oh well!

Action scenes were complete turn-off, the only exciting part was when his Lambo got crushed when I relate it to the cost.

PS: I have my own type of movies that I like which most people would probably avoid though.

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