Do I not despise you Monash?

Final Exam Information
15 August 2008 09:46
Please note the following change to the exam information contained in the unit oultine

Students will not be able to take the accounting handbook into the final exam this semester.

This is a result of a recent change in Faculty and Department Policy and is a response to the increased level of cheating (use of unauthorised materials) that has been occurring in recent exam periods.

Janet Jackson
Chief Examiner

Not the one from the Superbowl escapade of course. Albeit all, it is such a cunt, I bought my handbook for almost 200 ringgit. Is this not too late?

Monash is hiring that *cough*motha*cough* to teach until 2011? A great milestone for Monash! For the fact that we DO NOT CARE IF OUR LECTURER SPEAKS PROPER ENGLISH JUST BECAUSE THE PLACE IS EMPTY. Wait a minute, was he from other Faculty??

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