I still think it is the fault of government

The 1 million ringgit incentive just put more pressure on Lee CW. For all that I know, more money reward would only make you work harder for it but in no way push you to a higher level... Ah Chai(LCW's father) also mentioned that he was off form and could not handle pressure. Didn't he make a lot of mistakes even though Lin Dan was not aggressively attacking?

It is true that when sports are involved with money, things become funny because they perform worse when there are more money on the table. It is good that he donated to SiChuan earthquake from his 300k ringgit though, for sake of showing that we are not hating China:P

I still think I remember LinDan's strokes were created by HuaShan... 有凤来仪?

This is the sad thing about athletes aye? You could rise to stardom by 20s but you might just retire at your 20s as well. Phelp was just amazing... 8 gold at a time???

Oh wait, did I say Lee Chong Wei? I guess I meant Datuk Lee Chong Wei :) And he gets pension of 3000 ringgit per month starting from next month by the way. For more, read Datukship

Enough of good olympic sports, look at this olympic trial ok? lol..

Remember, brick walls are there to stop people who dotn want it badly, you should overcome it just like how brick walls did not stop Mas Selamat! Good luck!!!

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