Other than Thailand, it was KL and Singapore!
Despite being geographical factors, it is tedious to commute or drive to heart of the city Bukit Bintang, that always put me away. Now I get a chance to have a look at this city.Lecka Lecka in middle eastern decos!
Food in KL was not exactly the best which is somewhat disappointing.
Back in Singapore, my uncle got a room in Sentosa... I really liked the pool.
I really should have came during night time, it would have been mesmerising.Now I know some hotels have a garden for peacocks and peahens.We were not fascinated by Sentosa, it is really nothing much and the construction for their integrated resort is a huge turn-off.

Of course and I had a little!
On a random note, I don't like the Singaporean kid who seem so stucked with games and are not well mannered.
It's ok...

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