The birthday girl

It doesn't fail to lead me back to the ecstatic feeling we first met, everytime when I look into your eyes. I thought staring at you and going blank was a feeling that went away with arguments but it did not, I think I feel quite like before. It was a feeling nobody could comprehend and I am proud to have that feeling.

I always feel disappointed because after all these while, disagreements do exist. Good thing is that we do not threaten each other by breaking off or any sort, we just can't do it, we know well... What you said was true, we are counter-parties of one another.

You are having your last paper right now, after this it would be a long break from studies, on the other hand we would not be meeting frequently until new semester, which would not take place in Malaysia. How far is it going to be between us is really uncertain, you are very likely to either turn down a good offer or accept a better offer which would be located further from me. I know it is going to be just fine, we have been fine for so long, what would change?

We do not celebrate one-month anniversaries or any of that sort, to me we are really close till that I do not even see you as a girlfriend, it would undercut to think that because you are not only a girlfriend when nobody is dispensable here.

I apologise for the fact that I brought bad stuff to you, as you know I have terrible personality issues, some of which I know but not of calibre to sustain. I know I might have all terrible strains a bad boy friend could possess but I just hope it would all go better in time, when I look back, I see myself a terribly amusing guy. I am not as shallow as before, I have learnt stuff beyond stuff. We handle stuff, especially our relationship, like adult, real adults that would keep everything on track.

I know you are going to be ok for your exam... I don't even want to think about mine. You are always the smarter one, this time you put in effort and you would be ok.

I'm happy that we have both grown and became better people, it takes time but I do not mind, I know it is going to be worthwhile doing this. Maybe just put up with me a wee bit more so my temper doesnt hit you and me so hard. I'd do the same!

Happy birthday POH ZI YING. We last, indefinitely.

PS: Have I not mentioned, it is Genting tommorow? Oh ya, she told me it was going to rain just because she mistakenly heard revving engine as storm few days ago.

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