Tentatively speaking: Technology does bring a lot lot more than we could imagine. Now I can fly from Bangkok to Singapore, just 250ringgit a person?

On a sad note, I would not be going to Penang as planned. My car parked in Condo full with my stuff is there to await further instructions! Instead I would be taking Bus/Train down to Bangkok and have a full day there until the my flight at 2050 17/11.

On a sadder note, I lost 300 pictures when transferring photos from 400D, I'm going to question them when I bring it to be serviced, including the viewfinder which is out of alignment.

On the saddest note, I will get my results within a fortnight.

On a bright note, I took most of the pictures at night, without an external flash, most of them are close to rubbish

On a brighter note, despite the geographical factors, I do not get to go Singapore often, would be an opportunity?

On the brightest note, hmmm, nothing to be too happy. Cheerio!

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