Chiang Mai, Thailand

Xiaxue is so right about Obama winning the election, what happened to ignoring what people think about you, now how people think matters? Yes, black president means nothing, unless you are a fan of starwars.

Okay, it is my first stop of this trip, to make my holidays less miserable. We took AirAsia which is my first experience, and it ended up exceeding my expectations. I decided to follow my Grand Uncle to his place in Chiang Mai. The initial plan of driving down 4200km did not materialise because the car would be needed later on. Sad but it's ok! After this I would be taking a bus to Bangkok and then a bus to Penang then maybe Ipoh then KL then drive to Pontian.

Not to forget that we made a trip to Genting, booked a hotel room and met an imaginary friend who happened to be only messing up with my grand uncle, he got a scratch from him/her when he was asleep when I just continued sleeping. It was the last room in the row, 8th floor of the hotel, bed was facing the mirror, if this doesn't fit to be haunted, I don't know what else does.

On a melancholy low note, I might not be seeing the parade going on tonight? Happy Loy Khra Thong...

I really should be making my to-do-list for this summer holiday, including proper way of using chopsticks, learn to ride a motorcycle, learning cooking, praying that I don't fail, taking up CFA and etcetera. (Praying that I don't fail and taking up CFA is not oxymoronic, at least it was not deliberate)

I have been dragging my 400D all over places in Chiang Mai. Despite the need for 580EXII, I managed to still take some pictures, stopping down aperture and ISO for horribly lit situations, I should really get my hands on one soon. Trying my very best to capture the life in Chiang Mai..

Don't be sad when I'm not around, I have only 2000 Bhatt with me, which would not be enough to get a hooker:P

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