I found myself in a great deal of lethargy, I have been running around places which I am not really used to! Sadly, I did not go to Bangkok, a fantastic opportunity for photography... I meant it!

Sorry I have not been updating frequent, at least not with pictures I have taken... They are long overdue, some dated more than a month back... (which is speaking in the context whereby people actually bother reading my blog). My "Karat" is in a bad condition, I liked the car... really.

Oh, I got my CFA package received just minutes ago, I did the payment only 4 days ago? Think about it, it was a big decision between discrepant views... I took suggestions from people who I should have trusted I guess, let time prove it. Cheers to technology. Now, get to my post-editing, not really good at it but I'd try! Still have 300 pictures to pick and to be edited... Stay updated for pictures people! :) Cheerio

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