Nathan was the black president

The republic of Singapore, so within little time I decided to transit to Singapore and meet up...
Sara(with free brochures from random hotels). It was easier than I thought and traffic was amazingly clear. Met up in Orchard MRT and when I know my roaming service isn't functioning when I am through custom is just perfect!
Lunch, and yeah, been a while since I last had fast food, it was better than what I usually get.
Virgin Mary or Pink Guava, I have forgotten.
Come to think of it, this is one of the very accessible cosmopolitan in geographic terms, everything are pretty much on the higher end. Cannot forget the Maserati in red leather, hah!
Going about was mostly by MRT and on foot, I really did not know how walkable is Singapore until this! And yeah, this is Clarke Quay.

New year deco, mice giving cow a short induction. Hmm
Channel 8, prolly talking about counterfeit notes, I don't know.
Chinatown, this is where I feel so much more superior because I can read chinese.
I really think pirated copies do exist in Singapore, just that they are much less rampant compared to JB. If we buy original copies, they are gonna be artists overseas... our money would just go overseas if we support original.

This was the Buddha's tooth temple which was really majestic. Which means....
Sara has to go in with a borrowed Sarong, lol, kinda fashion statement?
If this rings a bell..

Too bad we were there sorta late and they were about to shoo us off and close.

And busy busy busy here goes the Singaporean life, I'd not want to stay here I am pretty sure, even the people want to walk fast all the time, we had to jog from time to time to stop being honked beyond the valley of mortality and tad close to losing life.
Still, for people who are well above the average income level, they have many interesting places within their reach, which I wouldn't be in next ten years.
And this is La Salle, which took my breath away and I was later told that it was the building of the year, and it was rightfully given.
See! College is more relaxing here, people don't want to go home.
Till then :) I'm already excited, Melbourne!

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