I have my camera back… Not just the camera, it is back with the old piece of dust… I guess Canon forced me to going into the office doing uncivilised hooha.

I went Johor Specialist to visit granny… kind of coincidence because it was my birthplace, say 20 years ago I was ushered out from the same entrance!

Quite a simple day, movie at Terbrau – Red Cliff. Not exactly the best piece you could get from the box office. Maybe it was just me, knowing what the story is akin to having watched the whole movie before… It just sucked when people around get so awed by the strategies, it is written in the damn book!

Dinner at Roost was good but sadly the pictures are not with me yet. And actually it was my birthday, seems that posting about a coming birthday would be too attention seeking, but it turned out many did greet! Thank you all, no matter facebook told you or otherwise! And really, it is just a matter of how people sort life out…

Thank you Dong yang, Yao, SH, Sharon, EF and Janice for coming out! Was a great birthday, much appreciated.

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