You mean, I will never see you again??

Fact of the day: Within the first 2 hours of enforcement, 242 backseat passengers were fined for not wearing seatbelt. Fine would accelerate from 300 to 1000 with 1 year jail time. Nuff said.

2008 is over, even though I really don't see anything ceremonious about this. I actually slept very soon after 12. Especially when Gaza have military graded fireworks.

That was the year I got my first dSLR, it is hard to understand how a miser who isn't willing to pay for anything would dump in such amount for a camera, even though to me it is more than that. I really liked it:)

It was the year when I appreciated even more about nature and evolution. A chameleon could change its colour even when it is blind. If god existed, he must be as powerful as evolution.
It was not a smooth sail for academia, I failed... For the first time, I have not failed before, except those that didn't matter. Even though it seemed to be a blessing in disguise.
My great(no,seriously,great!) grandmother just lived through another year, I would like to see her living through a century which isn't far. Boo-ya-kasha!
I feel much better about what I have. Not that life passed the bill and decided treating me better or I embraced Mormon yesterday. I just got more lenient to myself. When there is a will, there is a PR, isn't that an aphorism? I startled myself as I see myself the fucked up worrying about the half-empty glass. If I fail in what I wanted, I should try out something else, something what people wanted but couldn't.
Oh, did US get their first black president? JFK and Lincoln merely fought for racial equality but were shot in head, and now they elected a black president, would he really be assassinated?

Since I am not supposed to list out everything that changed in 08, I shall stop. And by the way, the word "know" in older usage meant "fuck" in earlier context, so maybe "fuck" wouldn't be a bad word in the future, subtle aye?

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