I got a 7 Million dollar home and a room!

This bag got to me only today, in fact it was here yesterday but my neighbour kept it for me till this morning. The reason… has to be kept secret. HAHA.

I know this isn’t a good bag, it isn’t even Crumpler but it works for me and it came to 135 Ringgit which was quite a steal! Spare the arcane thoughts, it means I can bring my camera and lenses out without attracting unwanted attention and I’d bring my camera out more often!

I got my room in Melbourne, it isn’t all that great, pictures aren’t clear so I’d say in 10 days I’d post the pictures! 10 minutes from the Campus sounds good I guess. The room isn’t all that great, but a shelter for me can’t be better! As long as it serves my personal workspace, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I want to get a smartphone, a really smart one, suggestions please? No, no iPhones.

Regarding the title, 7 million dollar home is actually the name of the bag by Crumpler, which is similar to what I' currently have.

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