And yeah, successfully stole a WiFi here as I didn’t know this cafe isn’t WiFi equipped… Everything is fine people, and my nasal condition miraculously reversed and I sneezing when I walked through the aisle minutes ago.

I don’t know what to say here. I just know I cannot get a BlackBerry Bold on a contract, I need to reside in Australia for more than 5 months before I get to apply. It is my first time flying alone, shame on me, don’t bother.

My living expenses will shoot sky high starting today! Woohoo, father please be prepared and pray all times to keep Aussie low. The flight was daunting and tedious, having to eat in shaky plane isn’t to my liking. I love scotch though! The pour, the nose and the finishing, just made to be on the rocks. Doesn’t hurt to have it once in a while? Even though I STILL get questioned on my actual age, plus an “ARE YOU SURE?”. Thanks Qantas…

Qantas isn’t exactly the best and I don’t have to show the parody for the acronym again, haha. 7 hours flying isn’t enjoying anymore, guess I improved my catnapping skills. I guess my friend just touched down and he’d be my housemate in say…in 2 hours??

Btw, angmohs here are much thinner than my expectation, they are just taller than malAsians that’s it. And I better get this post out before I get disconnected for the 3rd time, wish me luck:) And blessing are much appreciated!

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