Melbourne way

The day after I got my Blackberry, Chinhao signed himself up for one too, apparently it was THAT good.

Does this ring a bell?

Yeap, it was Ikea and my room kinda became better *I think*, will post pictures of my place soon!

Now I understand why people have been telling me Melbourne is good. And to those who told me there is no night life in Melb… Wait till my next post.

St Kilda it is!

It was a great beach we explored another day, we went there on a whimp.

It was really a good place to go, and I’m glad I did it before summer says bye.

Not only the beach, the town itself was pretty interesting too.

Guess they didn’t wanna get more tan.

Favourite pick!

There were only three of us, we sat down along the roadside for MSN thru mobile, such a waste of time.

This is where we decided to have lunch! It was built as a part of pier! Cool!

Mine! I guess I didn’t get the name.

Wei wen’s pancake with bacon, best of all.

And Chinhao’s risotto.

Can’t tell how relaxing it was, really.

A mosque? A cabana?

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