Where I was brought up…

Tuning into 92.8 in the car, Five for Fighting – Superman, I come to realisation that it will soon be bidding farewell to all this. Melbourne would be where I reside in, most probably for good.

For those who don’t know, I do not plan to come back any soon, I have a return ticket scheduled on Nov 26th but I think I won’t come back. Actually it would be foolish for me to do so, Melbourne is close to Brisbane, Gold coast, Canberra, Sydney, Tasmania, Adelaide, and in fact Melbourne itself has a number of places to visit, it will be what I want to do for summer. I do realise a lot people don’t like overseas so much but for me, it is just too much for me to face, not to forget I have been here for 20 years, what’s enough is enough.

I know people have been saying Aus universities can’t hold a candle to Britain and the States. I don’t think it matters, I this Oceania is more liveable than them, my point of going is to live and experience, not just for my degree.

The thought of being in Australia started since I was ten! It takes a while to get used to life there but I’m okay. Finally I am going, albeit all the hindrances. Having said that, home being home, it is a place I would like to come back someday, just not at the moment. I’d come back when I can face things, I’d come back when my family is proud to have me.

That doesn’t, in any way, imply that I strive to be affluent, I don’t remember anyone from Australia talking about getting crazy rich, I don’t have to do that to live happily. And what’s the intrinsic value of money when it does not equate happiness. A meaningful life is what I ask for.

Of course, thanks dad, for giving me this opportunity, no matter what you are still my father. FYI, the most techno-savvy device my father deploy is a mobile, not using text message function.

I do not expect anyone to send me off at the airport but yeah, let me see you once more will you?


Do you know how lovely you are? I’d miss you, Pontian.

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