Make a guess? Where did I order it? C’mon.

In fact Wei Xiong made this, I miraculously stuffed my clothes, towel, camera with 2 lenses, notebook AND mouse into my small backpack. Off I go for a sleep over at Wei Xiong’s expensive place.

The challenge to take his new vacuum cleaner, guess this is the best I could. I’m still awed by the price cut by 80AUD.

Took this in a rush, plagarism unintended.

Max Brenner! And only after Wei Xiong drawing on it, I found out that Max Brenner’s website, had a similar idea!

Guess it doesn’t need much elaboration after all…

iParody, please turn on HD. Yeah, I was wearing those gloves…

What’s next, I woke up super early and my predictions came true, Wei Xiong was dead asleep until I opened the door to make a move. It is so funny to hear the alarms for him and his girlfriend to be constantly ringing and snoozed.

Ready? This part is specially made for Sara, Yee Yeng and Wei Xiong. To Sara and Yee Yeng to comfort them Perth isn’t worse than my campus. To Wei Xiong so he knows how to appreciate his campus…

So this is Monash Uni Berwick campus. It took me 1hour and 10 minutes to get from city to Berwick.

It is really a suburban area, cannot believe there are people staying on-campus here.


This is still okay.

God works in the most amazing ways, asking me to upgrade my camera when I was shooting!

I don’t know what other ways to show how pathetically sized this campus is, it is about the size of 2 buildings of Monash Uni Sunway campus.

GREAT place to study.

Just when you thought there’s nothing here.

THEY ACTUALLY HAD COWS AND OXES!!! It is right behind the hostel, I took this from a dorm. I suspect a cow licked the window before…

And these, are everywhere.


wei xiong said...

two thumbs up! hey the alarm was simon's and mine, actually. :)

TW said...

i only know it didnt wake u up...hahaha. YA, TWO THUMBS UP