How can I not be moved

Took this at MESS HALL (correction) near Parliament station using Lam’s 5D mk1 with 24-70. How can I not be moved? This is the kind of picture I wanted for ages. Photographic equipments are not exactly what I should dwell on.

Saying exams are near is an understatement, I should say it is almost ending, I haven’t done enough work, I feel unprepared, I’m fearful of what is going to come. I want to believe, I want to do great things through him and with him. Press on is the word, and to give myself a pat on my shoulder?

It started when I 12 in Sydney, mother nudged me and asked if I like Australia and if I want to study in Australia. I like my life here better, especially crashing into great cafes and photography, but I want to spend more time with my parents, I always enjoyed breakfast with parents, it is something so simple and so beautiful yet overlooked by a lot of people. Time passes so fast, especially for them, a Christmas trip with my family to Adelaide, walking along the isle back to my seat, I got shocked, looking at the grey hair I never realised he has, no matter how healthy and how tough he is, age could be just as unforgiving. I met an old man at the train station, he was having trouble knowing when his train is coming so I talked to him and tried helping out, spoke to him in English and two dialects which attracted everyone’s attention, he told me he is from Malaysia, he have been here for 30 years. He looked pretty old and kept repeating what he said, how Malaysians could speak so many dialects and I know this isn’t his failing memory but a sign of loneliness, he wants to talk to people. It could have been just another encounter but to me, I saw myself there in 40 years, I saw my parents in near future. Maybe I don’t want to be all alone waiting at train station when I’m at his age, maybe I don’t want to let my parents to be this lonely, maybe life here isn’t really what I want. I cannot believe how people don’t think about their parents’ when they consider taking up permanent residency in another country. I cannot believe the love taken to send someone you’ve been with for most of his life to another place for his future. Even though they might not come back anymore, which a lot of them did not. I don’t believe in expensive cars and posh dining, I rather believe in a mother who did only positive and supportive decisions and a father who placed family before everything.

And winter in Melbourne is not just chilly, it is kind of lonely. Till then, it would be really long until my next post with so many words and baring everything out.


Yenni said...

Hey Theng Wei! Thought I'd see you around so often, but, hey where are you? Haha. Anyway, just want you to know that there are people praying for your exams on Thursday and days after. Study hard. God is with you. He is the source of strength, attentiveness, peace. :) God bless!

TW said...

ahh, thank you so much! things've been picking up, thanks for concern! I've not been really going out, at least try not to:D how about you??

phyllissie said...

u made me realised how lonely my parents might be back there! btw, best of luck for exams theng yyyyyyy!!

TW said...

hahaha,glad to see u here! sad that u r not following yeng n sara to melb tho... wudve been fun:S goodluck to u too! and yes! they are important!

Jan Win said...

Touching post ;)

I read something along those lines a few days ago

have a good read

TW said...

janwin...plagarism uninteded!hahaha.didnt know u come to my blog too! or just because of exams:P