Where do I begin?

Taken using BlackBerry Bold

I had a loner’s day out in city. A lot of people told me I’d get sick of city one day, I guess we just see it differently. I really have no idea what else can beat a good cuppa for the day. Since I am in the city and I punched in “best coffee, melbourne” on BlackBerry (see how I bolded the text? Punny right?). Voila! Dancing goat cafe, a stone’s throw away from flagstaff. I like how the aroma lingered in my mouth for hours. I’m going to propose show kopitiam to have this kind of REAL coffee too. Next stop? St. Ali, South Melbourne :)

On another hand, walking in the city without my dSLR is just depressing, I never saw this coming, taking pictures using camera phone. Guess everyone gotta bear with this for a couple of days more. I just got my second test results from the clinic, I’m all good now! Thanks people!

Random: Imagine a computer system large and powerful enough to take account of ALL physical laws and particle coordinates, knowing exactly where it is going to be, what is going to happen and consequences right after, even emotions are predicted. A prophecy based on simple logic. Isn't that freaky?


Eugene said...

we should catch up one day since you are coming to the city so often! hehe. if you are in need of a companion.

all the best for exams =) use whatever time you have left to your advantage ya.

TW said...

sounds good but i dont have ur msn!