That's what kept popping up on my screen, and when it comes up, it won't go away... Very likely NOT going to get a decent quote here, and it is impossible to just buy another hard drive and replicate it...

Just like when I'm prompted with questions, he is always the answer, but where the button is, it is pretty much forgotten by the programmers. Why can't I have a clearer vision, like Nehemiah? Please... I surrender all.

Meanwhile, this is a story of a Psychopath who cheated her wife about identity for 12 years.

At the mean time, back to the system that predicts the future, it can't function, it is not going to predict exactly what is going to happen. It works just like time travelling, knowing your future affects your decisions, and there goes the domino effect. Just like how you cant kill the "you" in the past, if he dies, you shouldn't be there, if you are not there, he can't die.

On another hand, i think the term Frenemy is such a brilliant word... Being friends in front and being enemies at the back.


wei xiong said...

er i get that too.. when firefox overloads.. just close firefox and it's gone.. dunno abt you..

TW said...

mine is on lightroom, but going away now.... just like an infection