I really don’t think H1N1 worth any attention, at least not so much… Please, life is too short to be worried about things like this.

I really appreciate my trip to Auckland, I must admit it is a really relaxing place, from that it beats Melbourne hands down, but I still love Melbourne so much!

This trip told me how badly I need to travel in future, there are so many exciting places to visit and to fall in love with! I’d make SEA the next stop and then hopefully Europe. Since I got place to crash in London, Birmingham, Manchester and even Glasgow.

It is indeed an eye opener, from the trip and Stuart the host, and did you guys know that there are actually no one who would call himself British?


I scheduled this trip to be right after my exams, and it was one of the best decision ever made.

The vineyards are great too! We went wine tasting at several of them and sort of broadened my knowledge of wine… In fact before this the only thing I know about wine is Merlot, which I don’t even like.

It wasn’t pleasant, but at least it feels so much brighter now.

Oh crap, my coffee pilgrimage was utter failure.

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cHeWYIn said...

can try to make the couple photo's background in grayscale? only 2 of them in colour. it might make it more subtle and sweet I guess?