Broken Strings

In the world of emoticons, I was colon capital d (Big Bang Theory, 2009).

Playing on broken strings is one of the most expected events from OCF! After months and months of praying and discussion, revelation out of revelation, the performance is finally dished out.

Sadly, I was the only one photographing, but I guess the photos are likeable! When this happens on me, it means I am inspired:) AWESOME performance!

It was about how three person from, three different backgrounds, and saw god at the end of tunnel.

They were sad because they are moving out of myriong soon. Ok, maybe only Elisa is sad.

We almost filled the venue! Honestly this surprised me, hours before event I was complaining how less than a hundred RSVP-ed on the facebook invitation.

Backstage was more interesting than the stage though.

Not sure about everyone, but for me it is a fantastic way to start holidays.

To be honest it was not a smooth sail, it rained before and after the event, we lost our keys for our poster boy, we had dancer hitting head into props, we had photographer who forgot the camera, and I can go on and on.

but god is still good, we had souls being saved, that was the time when I realise everything was worth it, when it is purposeful!

Eugene who looked like thieve that night.

Can I use this for my blog header?:D I’m planning to revamp this crappy layout.

And apparently everyone got closer to one another!

Refreshments after performance was great too! Hope I had more time to snap but they were out before I know it.

And all for his kingdom, for the sacriface on the cross:)

God spoke to me, I want to be a war journalist. End.

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