It have been so draining, events after events, meet ups after meet ups. I don’t even know if I still understand what is priority anymore, making choices have always been tough for me, for the great or miniscule. My holidays are coming in few days but all I want is to have a good rest and restart the tiring study weeks and *gasp* exams.

Today I realised after all things being in place, same person who did extracting espresso and frothing milk, the coffee made by the barista still failed to impress me. It is a sign that I should start making my own coffee.

This was us trying so hard to fix the model, and we failed. Miserably. From pose to pose we had such a great deal to go through.

Know how our mind and eyes don’t tell us everything? Everything in this photo was sort of alright, but see where her eyes were at, this is NOT the way to model. I have done quite a few model shoots, for the first time, I was told that photographer need to tell model what to do, by that she literally meant I had to spend like a good half an hour on one pose.

She refused to pose as we told, saying her knees hurt she cannot do this and that. Even she poses, she does for sake of doing, no body language, nada. In this photo I feel as if she is watching television.

I understand I’m more slanted towards street photography, but I never knew this model shoot would fail that badly. So badly I’d hold no qualms letting you guys delete all the shots of her. I was NOT inspired, if you want my bad experience in photographing, this is one.

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