JOURNAL-ism @ Flinders La

This was impromptu, it all started with me walking into Pushka near the rubbish dump for coffee. I ended up having a coffee revelation, it was just haunting for me to have a coffee without bitter after-taste, having the right temperature and simply put, just something I could not pick on. I have not gotten such a good cup of coffee in hand and I doubt I ever will.


Which later made me wanting to go back for another cup with Nat and Kelly. Firstly I wanted Brother Baba Budan but it was closed. Checked back Pushka and they closed earlier than they stated by few hours, I guess these are true cafes that don’t come with services, the coffee there was good enough to be sold in vicinity of a rubbish dump!

This was a bit complicated to enjoy, it is as though you need a degree to complete the drink. Sticky-date pudding was brutally decapitated and amputated by two ladies before a proper photo could be taken.

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